Landscape Paintings, Victorian Home Tour, and Pretty Pansies: Friday Finds

Tis the Friday before Easter and all through the house, bunnies were baking and getting ready for the holiday! Today is Good Friday which is a solemn yet hopeful day for many of you, including myself. The earth is coming back to life, which always create a good feeling. Soon the windows will stay opened to let the gentle warm breezes blow. Next comes the smell of warm dirt and fresh-mown grass. Love this time of year! And now, let’s see what this week’s finds hold for us.

landscape paintings in kitchenPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design

First, check out this gorgeous, updated Victorian home tour by blogger “Made by Carli.” Every room is stunning and well-designed and decorated. I can’t stop looking at it – so pretty!

Looking for new wall art to freshen your home this spring? I love the artwork at Krista Kim Studio on Etsy. I think I might order a couple of the prints for the dining room.

If you’re on Instagram and enjoy finding new accounts to follow, consider Alice Grace Interiors. I just discovered it her yesterday and started following along so I could enjoy all of her beautiful, English home décor inspiration.

Here in Illinois, it’s unofficially pansy season. I planted some of these charmers in a DIY cigar box planter several years ago and published the instructions here on the blog. You can keep the arrangement indoors or out.

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between pansies, violets, and violas, read my post on Pond and Garden about this topic.

Looking for a last-minute recipe for Easter brunch (or any brunch or snack for that matter)? Don’t pass up this orange cardamom breakfast twist that looks as good as it tastes. After spending more money than I’d like on cardamom, I’m always looking for recipes that include it.

Enjoy your Easter weekend!

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  1. Those prints are ;lovely and I like some of the fruit prints which are hard to find. Have a fun Easter weekend.

  2. I really enjoyed Carli’s blog. In fact I spent about an hour or so going through her “Before to Now” posts. Her home is so tastefully decorated! I was very impressed with her use of live plants in decorating. Mostly I was impressed with how healthy her plants are. It’s a bit of a pet peeve when I see blogs that have skimpy or non-thriving plants in their decor. Probably one reason that I enjoy yours so much also, your plants are beautiful. 🙂 Thanks also for the info on the Viola species. I absolutely adore these little plants and have been known to dig up the tiniest of viola “weeds” and plant them in a pot to enjoy! I hope that you will have a very blessed Easter weekend. Because of Jesus, EVERYDAY is a resurrection day!!