Late Summer Decorating with Map of New York Pillow

Don’t you hate when you have something specific in mind for a room you’re decorating and when you get to the store, you can’t find anything remotely close to your beautiful vision?  In your head you’ve concocted this beautiful room that you can’t wait to create … but then nothing at your favorite home decor store tickles your fancy. Such was the case when I was looking for fall pillows for my family room and I wound up with a Map of New York pillow and doing late summer decorating instead. I just couldn’t find the right patterned pillows in the right fall colors. And then I spied this …

Map of New York PillowA map pillow!  And right next to it was a red and white ticking stripe pillow.


Map of New York PillowAfter checking out all the details of this pillow, I reluctantly put it back on the shelf. It reminded me of wanting to run the New York marathon. And since it’s September 11th, it also brings to mind memories of what happened at the World Trade Center. As I wandered unfulfilled down the pillow aisles of the store, I couldn’t shake the vision of the Map of New York pillow. My search for fall decor was quickly becoming a bust!


Map of New York PillowSo I caved. Even though I didn’t need it, I bought the Map of New York pillow. I now have something to remember a significant yet tragic event in our nation’s history.


Map of New York PillowBut look at all the cool details of this pillow. I love how the neighborhoods are shown along with famous points of interest in the Big Apple, minus the World Trade Center.


Late Summer Farmhouse Family RoomI’m still searching for fall pillows (or maybe I’ll just make some) because I’m sharing my fall home tour next Wednesday!  I didn’t get any pillows last fall so don’t have anything to drag out of storage.


Late Summer FlowersIn the meantime I’ll enjoy late summer decorating with flowers from my garden.


Ivy in a Mini Painted DrawerI’m waiting for my mums to bloom out in the garden. So I can’t even clip any of those to bring indoors. At least my little ivy is starting to grow in its mini painted drawer.


Vintage Red Books used for Late Summer DecoratingAnd I’ve got red vintage books to match the color of my red and white ticking stripe pillow.


Vintage Red Books used for Late Summer DecoratingMy little rusty bird keeps watch over it all.


Late Summer Decorating in Farmhouse Family RoomWill I get this room ready in time for my fall home tour next week?

You’ll have to come back and find out!


Collection of Fall Home ToursStarting on Tuesday, you can enjoy 28 virtual fall home tours!  Thanks to Brenda at Cozy Little House for organizing this 4-day extravaganza of fall decorating. Hope you’ll join us for the home tours!


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