Latest Wallpaper Designs You’ll Love for a Stylish Touch

It’s official. Wallpaper is trending and is here to stay for awhile, and I couldn’t be happier about it. When I first moved into my current home, I papered five rooms soon after we moved. Since then, I’ve removed it all and painted the walls. And now, I’m back at it. This past weekend I looked at wallpaper designs for my downstairs bathroom and placed an order. Since I’ve got paper on the brain, I thought I’d share a pretty collection of wallpapered rooms with you and some of the trends I’m noticing.

Nature prints of any kind are always popular, like a vines and leaves. I’ve noticed vining patterns tend to come in two colors so they can be a comfortable choice for anyone who’s a bit shy about adding a lot of color on the wall.

blue vine kitchen wallpaperPhoto by Kuche+Cucina


Geometric prints can be fun and colorful. This one appears in a stripe-type style. Note the mix of pattern between the wallpaper and the rug, which I’m seeing more and more. This room might be too busy for some of you, but I think it’s cheerful and interesting.

colorful living room with wallpaperPhoto by Mark P. Finlay Architects, AIA


I’ve always leaned toward wallpaper designs that have smaller prints like this one. If I knew the manufacturer of this print, I’d be tempted to order it myself. The paper I chose for our bathroom has a small floral print that looks somewhat historical to me. 

transitional blue and white living roomPhoto by Henley Design


Striped wallpaper is always popular, and I love this one. Unfortunately, I shy away from stripes because our walls and floors aren’t perfectly aligned and I’m afraid the stripes will look crooked. 

wallpaper designs - dining roomPhoto by Elizabeth Drake of Drake Interiors Limited


I love this English country style bedroom and wish I could mix prints as beautifully as this. The blend of pattern sizes and colors are so pretty, in my humble opinion. And any wallpaper designs with critters in them appeal to me. I guess that’s why I’ve got bunnies on the paper in my dining room.

English country style wallpaperPhoto by Harrison Paint Co


A subtle print is a great choice for anyone who prefers a softer approach to decorating their home. I like the addition of the plaid orange and blue rug. 

under the eaves bedroomPhoto by John Buckley Architecture & Design


Floral prints are always a great choice. Consider taking a color from the paper and use it to paint the ceiling. It creates a cozy effect which is perfect for a bedroom. 

wallpaper designs - bedroomPhoto by Ben Herzog


Here’s another nature-inspired print in blue and white. A bathroom is the perfect place to add wallpaper to your home. The room is smaller so it isn’t as big of a commitment. 

blue and white traditional bathroom with wallpaperPhoto by Wright-Ryan Homes


Rabbits and birds cover the wall of this charming powder room. There’s an unending choice of wallpaper designs, which can be a bit overwhelming when shopping. I have my own rule of thumb when choosing paper. I limit myself to less than 10 books that I look through at the design center. Then I take only three books home and make a choice from there. I realize I could be missing some great designs, but if you shop with FOMO (fear of missing out), the selection could take weeks to months. 

blue and white traditional bathroom with wallpaperPhoto by ML Interior Designs


Historical wallpaper designs are great for older homes like mine. 

old English home officePhoto by Emily Pueringer Design Studio


Don’t ignore the ceiling! Wallpaper can be a fun choice for adding whimsy in an unexpected location. 

wallpapered ceilingPhoto by Henley Design


Do you have any wallpapered rooms in your home? If not, would you consider it?


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  1. Thank you, Jennifer. The wall papers are all so lovely. And wall paper always puts a room design into a “cut above” class. … A very ~Happy Thanksgiving~ to you and your family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer! I love wallpaper but my husband doesn’t. I always enjoy your posts. I especially enjoy your photos of older homes that you see on your travels. Thanks for bringing happiness to my inbox.

  3. In my old house every room has been wall papered at some point. Several rooms had painted over wallpaper, not fun to remove! Only 3 rooms have wallpaper now. The dining room is fully papered, one wall in the kitchen, and one wall in a small bedroom.
    Looking forward to see all your choices.

  4. I grew up with wallpaper and am enjoying seeing its resurgence. You do need to be careful of what you put on a ceiling, though. As is apparent in that one photo, it can really lower the feeling of a ceiling and I had the opposite thing occur when, back in the 70s, I had a coordinating metallic paper applied to the ceiling of a powder room and it “raised” the height of the ceiling and made the room seem like a bright vertical tunnel. Lesson learned!

  5. I enjoyed the post Jennifer especially the blue papered bathroom. I have for a long time wanted to paper the powder room but met with opposition. I’m working on it.

  6. Is there any way to find out what the muted blue/grey wallpaper is in the beach house photograph with the white beamed ceiling. I have been agonizing over finding the right paper for my guest room and I think this is it!
    Love your blog.

  7. I do have some wallpapered rooms in my house. My kitchen and my bedroom hallway. They both are outdated and somewhat worn and need to be removed. I have not removed much wallpaper and I wonder what the best process for doing it is if the paper is not strippable. How have you done it, Jennifer? I am dying to get that old paper off my walls!

  8. I, like you, had paper in several rooms a few years back. Then the paper trend went out and it all came down at my house, too. Now I see so many pretty papers (I’m partial to the florals) for my small cottage and I want to start all over again. Maybe I can start small with the backs of my living room book case and open cabinets in the kitchen. The new peel and stick patterns might pass the Mr.’s veto, since he’s remembering how much fun? we had stripping it last time! I love mixing patterns with the rugs and draperies/curtains too. Now you’ve got my wheels turning!