Mason Jar Solar Lanterns to Light Up Your Night!

Are you ready to light up your nights? I’ve found the most adorable mason jar solar lanterns that can be used both indoors and out. These are my favorite go-to lanterns due to their durability and ease of use. No electricity needed! Just the power of the sun.

Sonnenglas Mason Jar Solar Lantern


SONNENGLAS mason jar solar lanterns are produce in South Africa, originally developed for people in areas without electricity. I love the background story, and I love that the lanterns are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Mason Jar SONNENGLAS Solar Lanterns


The jar lids contain four solar-powered LEDs. It’s amazing how bright they are!

Mason Jar SONNENGLAS Solar Lanterns


Set the mason jar lanterns out in the sun during the day and enjoy hours of solar light at night. To light the lanterns, flip the magnetic handle up so the round magnet touches the lid.

SONNENGLAS Solar Lantern


The lanterns provide up to 12 hours of light when fully charged.

SONNENGLAS Solar Lantern


You’ll most likely use the mason jar lanterns outdoors, but I added them to my earthy table setting (that I featured earlier this week) in lieu of candles.

Mason Jar Solar Lanterns in Centerpiece


Mason Jar Solar Lanterns in Centerpiece


I think they look beautiful whether you use them indoors or out. They can sustain the harshest of weather conditions, too.

Sonnenglas Mason Jar Solar Lantern

Get your own mason jar lanterns at SONNENGLAS mason jar solar lanterns.

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  1. Exciting to read about how people in other countries are being empowered with solar lights! Thanks and please enter me in the drawing.

  2. They are lovely and the photos make me dream of summer entertaining (with our -10 temperatures outside right now)! Thanks for a chance at your giveaway <3

  3. I kept all of the canning jars from my Mom’s to use for candles outside. These would be great, and perfect for in the camper!

  4. Oh, they are farmhouse adorable!!! Love anything that uses mason jars as its foundation; fine myself using those quite a bit in decorating. LOVE THESE!!!

  5. Love them lanterns.
    How romantic these lanterns would be sitting outside by a firepit for a family gathering, etc. or even when the power goes out; No looking for a flashlight. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  6. I like anything using mason jars. These are so cute and would be great to light the hallways during the night. Thanks for sharing and giving us a chance to win them.

  7. I find more and more solar powered items available and am happy to see them. You said that these were from South Africa and that I find truly wonderful. I visited SA several years ago and found it to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. But along with that beauty is also some poverty I’ve never seen before. Much of the country is dry and barren and I can see where solar power could be used to assist those living without electricity! Bravo to all of those who work to devise ways to harness free power, especially useful in area where there is none!!!

  8. I would love to have the lanterns for my front porch and enjoy the evening air and great conversation! Thank you for this opportunity😊

  9. I am obsessed with solar lights but haven’t seen anything as cute as these! Thank you for bringing them to our attention. BTY, love your blog.

  10. Love themason jar idea. I often use mason jars for gift containers…cocoa mix, spiced tea and Hershey Kisses on Valentine with a red ribbon. Love you fun ideas.

  11. Yes, they are bright. I have used a glass building block and placed a set of Christmas lights inside. Looked great but got too hot. I live on the coast and got this huge glass jar that I stuffed with layers of shells and sea glass that I found on the beach. I used strands of mini lights and it looked very cozy. But it was so heavy I could barely move it. Now, with one of your mason jar lights I could move it around! Thanks for the giveaway. You always keep us entertained.

  12. I would love to have these to put on my back fence in my yard. I have lots of plans to make my yard an inviting place to spend time and this would be a great addition to my plans.

  13. Checked out Sonnenglas website because I would love to have bought them for a lady who needs help with her living expenses. She had a stroke and living on less than $900 a month. Her son lost use of his kidneys and lives with her. I know she would love these because she loves country!! She has been retraining herself to do country crafts from items people throw away, “dipsty Dumper Days” These are a little costly to purchase but would be great for low income familites. Maybe a great fund raiser if could be purchased cheaper in bulk.

  14. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win one of these delightful solar jar lights. I can see how they can easily fit into an inside or outside décor for years of decorating fun! Good luck, everyone!

  15. They are gorgeous. They make your table setting look so romantic. I love your blog. I always look forward to it in my inbox.

  16. I love your blog also love the solar jars. I love supporting third world industries. We should be using solar energy as much as possible. Save the Planet!

  17. Solar jars are perfect for the summertime. They really are bright. I liked that you transitioned to use on your dining room table, great idea!

  18. Hi Jennifer,
    What an awesome product. Thank you for introducing us to them and giving us a chance to win!
    What a great combo, I love mason jars and am passionate about sustainability. As part of my tablescapes I place and flowers and candles in mason jars all the time.


  19. A special item to make a place setting wonderful either in the winter (indoors) or on a picnic table in the summer. The little glimmer of light just makes things special

  20. Wow …. this is the first I have seen of these…The jars would be great in the summer as the daylight gives way to the night sky. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Thank you for sharing these wonderful lights with us! They would be a beautiful addition to any home no matter where it is. Created by such a smart woman indeed!

  22. These are great! I would love to give these to my parents. They live in the country & my Dad loves to sit out on the front porch with his dog, Buddy. Love your website! Thanks!

  23. They are so beautiful and what a creative way to bring light to an evening in the garden or even for a late afternoon tea.

  24. What a great product, these would be wonderful for our vintage 1958 Spartan trailer or for our frequent Upstate NY power outages… Please enter me for your contest.

  25. The lanterns are so pretty, I’d love to use them on my patio! Thank you for such a thoughtful giveaway opportunity!

  26. Beautiful would love to win these. Not many people come to see my house if at all, but I would love these on my front porch just for ME to see and enjoy. Please enter us in your contest 🙂 ty

  27. They look like a fantastic way to light up the Night! Not to mention how handy they would be for when we lose electricity 😞

  28. I have a screened-in porch and i would love these to set out at night, it wouldn’t be as bright as my over head light. Thank you, your dining room was gorgeous with just these.

  29. This is so nice….a neet idea for sure . Would be nice outside or on my screened porch. Thanks for a chance to win !

  30. I love the idea of using solar lights outdoors. Mason jars make these extra cute. Would love to gift my sons with these for use at their fishing camp.

  31. How smart! I certainly could have used them a couple of times this winter with power outages. What a nice give away.

  32. These are sooo cute! I’ve never seen solar jars! They’d be perfect by our porch swing! I wouldn’t have to worry about blowing out a candle. Thanks for such a nice giveaway:)

  33. I love the solar mason jars! Great idea! My friend and I made some icy looking mason jars for Christmas presents! Everyone loved them! Love your blog!!

  34. Awesome use and display both outside and inside of the SONNEGLAS lanterns. A very warm and welcoming ambiance by a eco-friendly product. What a win-win!

  35. I love putting solar lights on window sills for inside use. Plus they are a comforting night light for the kiddies at bedtime.

  36. Indoor, outdoor, rustic chic. As wonderful and beautiful as they are, the story of their origin makes them perfect! Thank-you for the opportunity to win them!

  37. Love these adorable lanterns. They will add to the table a special light source and decor. Thanks for sharing.

  38. These solar lights are AWESOME! Love how you’ve used them inside, too. Mood lighting at its best! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  39. These Mason Jar Solar Lanterns would be perfect perfect this summer ditting on the deck watching the meadow as the sun goes down in the evening. Just enough light to keep the mood calm as the night skies awaken. Solar just heighten the experience.

  40. These lights are beautiful and I love that they are solar-powered. They let out beautiful light and what could be better than being good to our environment!

  41. Love the idea of solar mason jars. They look so simple but practical. Definitely would change the contents depending on the season! Please enter me in the contest, thanks.

  42. I love the fence idea, how cool would that be I the spring. I even more like the table setting, beautiful to display your lovely dishes.

  43. These are wonderful and a welcome addition to our desire to make our carbon footprint smaller. With 12 hours of light each, they would last a couple of days! I enjoy a product that helps e and also helps those who created it. Thank you!

  44. I just love the idea of mason jars being repurposed! What a great use of solar power, and more importantly, that they are being used and produced in South Africa for those without electricity. They look as lovely inside or outdoors on a table, mantel or that little corner that needs a warm glow.

  45. those lanterns are awesome…just put extra wide steps and hand rails at my back door for safety reasons….would they not look great hanging on the railing for extra safety and a great addition to my back entrance…80 now and love safety with a big addition of unexpected homestyle lighting !!!!!!! I am wishing myself luckxoxo

  46. Thank you for sharing all you do. Great ideas. Would like to use these solar lights on the porch and camping this summer😎

  47. Because I worry a lot about fire–especially with a new puppy and several rambunctious dogs and curious ponies–we have reluctantly stopped using candles outdoors. (And indoors for the same reasons, except exchanging curious cats for curious ponies!). These solar lanterns are a wonderful discovery. I’d be thrilled to win this giveaway and am Pinning this to follow up even if I don’t–they are very Wish List-friendly. 🙂

  48. I’ve been switching over so many components to become more eco-friendly and sustainable, from growing herbs to paperless towels, using glass reusable storage and foregoing plastic. The condition of the environment is something I’m also concerned about and looking for ways to reduce my footprint. These would be a great addition for night time lighting in my home as I find myself carefully walking in the dark if I wake during the middle of the night

  49. Can never go wrong with Mason jars, and especially as lanterns!! Love the idea and the look! Can’t wait to see if I win!!

  50. I love solar lights in my yard. I love to have lights lighting up my backyard. I have tried making my own jar lights.