Hand-carved Wooden Kitchen Utensils: Dreamware Giveaway

Today I’m so happy to announce a special giveaway for my readers! I’m once again partnering with Polder’s Old World Market to offer one of you the chance to win a beautiful, hand-carved charcuterie board. For many years I’ve been collecting wooden kitchen utensils from the Dreamware line at Polder’s and my newest acquisition is a stunning charcuterie board, a petite artisan spoon, and a hickory pasta spoon. (This is a sponsored post – see my privacy policy.)

hickory charcuterie board from polder's old world market

To enter for a chance to win your own hand-carved charcuterie board (valued up to $600), simply leave a comment at the end of this post. But that’s not all, from now until the end of the month, Town and Country Living readers can enjoy 20% off any Dreamware purchase from Polder’s Old World Market. Use the code TOWNANDCOUNTRY at checkout.

The Dreamware collection from Polder’s Old World Market is so – well – dreamy. Every piece is hand-carved and the craftsmanship truly shows. The utensils are smooth to the touch and I love using them for baking and cooking. Not to mention, they look great when serving guests.

charcuterie board with honey ricotta toast

The first time I used the charcuterie board, I made peach bruschetta which is basically honey ricotta toast with peach slices. I grill slices of a French baguette and then apply a thin layer of ricotta cheese whipped with a small dose of honey. You can drizzle just a touch of honey over the top of ricotta and add your favorite fruit. I used the petite artisan spoon to drizzle the honey. Typically I use peaches or figs for this bruschetta. It’s the perfect appetizer or small bite.

honey ricotta toast with peaches

I was excited to try out the new pasta spoon so I made my pasta with tomato cold sauce recipe. The spoon worked like a charm for serving pasta. Now I no longer need the kitchen tongs.

pasta and peach bruschetta

Each hand-carved piece of Dreamware is signed, making it special and unique. I’ve used pieces from Polder’s Old World Market to make oatmeal raisin pecan cookies, sticky buns, and used them for general decorating in my kitchen. I would never hide these hand-carved beauties in a drawer. LOL. My collection of Dreamware began seven years ago.

hickory charcuterie board from polder's old world market

To enter to win your own hand-carved charcuterie board, simply leave a comment below. And don’t forget to use the TOWNANDCOUNTRY code to receive 20% off any purchase of Dreamware during the month of September. These pieces make great gifts so you can do a little early holiday shopping. I’ll announce the winner on October 1st, which is just three weeks away!

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  1. Wow! Their pieces look amazing! Cannot go wrong with anything wooden. Takes a lot of time to work with wood correctly. Will have to check out their site.
    As always your post enlighten me. Thanks

  2. Oh, I would love to start collecting these quality items! At my age I am not only collecting to use for myself, but also looking for quality heirlooms to leave for my children. This would be a wonderful start.

    1. Great items for a give away. Ever since one of our wedding gifts was a beautiful hand turned,salad bowl from Vermont I have collected good wooden pieces. They last forever if taken care of.

  3. Beautiful piece. Love the wood grain. Would just get more beautiful with use and be a lovely treasure to pass on to family.

  4. I have never heard of this company, nor have I used a pasta spoon.
    This would be something new to my life!!!

  5. Such artistry! The feel of the wood and the warmth it provides is so cozy and comforting. A beautiful addition to any style of kitchen or table decor. Heirloom worthy!

  6. Beautiful and practical. What a wonderful combination. I would cherish and love during my remaining years and pass it to my daughter.

  7. The handcarved charcuterie board and other Dreamware pieces are lovely. The photos “transport” me to France and create an authentic cultural experience with so many possible uses of the board and utensils.

  8. Your products are a lost art! They are beautiful and functional at the same time and remind me of what my Nonna used to make her meals with. Thank you for keeping this old world style alive!

  9. Such beautiful, quality looking pieces! Would be wonderful to use in anyone’s kitchen, for nearly every meal. You cannot beat good wood pieces when cooking. Will look at their site to see what they carry. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love to use my wooden items in the kitchen for prep and display.
    These items are great workmanship by artisans.

  11. I would love to win this for my daughter-in-law who prepares a Sunday family dinner every week. She is so deserving.

  12. I love wood utensils and boards, they never wear and are always so pretty. I use them a lot and never tire of wood pieces. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. I would love to give this beautiful gift to my niece for her home. She and l share a love of each other and wooden kitchen utensils ❤️

  14. Lovely, carefully crafted pieces! A beautiful addition for display and use, which would definitely be attention-getting. Thanks for the information and chance to win.

  15. Just looking at the beautiful presentation of these unique and almost too beautiful to use wooden pieces makes me want to put out a feast and invite everyone over to drool at them and enjoy the cold cooked meats and drizzle honey over the ricotta covered bruschetta. I would like to start a collection. Thank you for the offer.

  16. I find myself always gravitating to my wooden utensils, but I own none as beautiful as these pieces. Like others have said, these would be a wonderful heirloom to hand down to children, grandchildren and on and on! Beautiful craftsmanship, just beautiful! Thanks for posting about this company and the opportunity to own these pieces.

  17. We love sitting on the porch with friends sharing wine and charcuterie…….we make do with an old wood cutting board with a tile…….

    It is a wonderful relaxing way to share time with friends and family….a gift in this racing world.

    The set pictured is drop dead gorgeous…and as a gift the beginning of the tradition of winding down abd enjoying each others company.

  18. I have passed my love of using wooden utensils along to 1 daughter and am how doing this to my second daughter! Thanks!

  19. I love seeing your posts every day! I started to use wooden tools last year. This would definitely be a bonus to add to my collection!

  20. Incredible artistry is evident in these wooden pieces. Thank you for the opportunity to lean of this company. I truly enjoy your posts.

  21. What a wonderful giveaway opportunity, thank you!! I have always loved Polder’s wooden utensils. They are so absolutely gorgeous!

  22. Wow! I would love to add this beautiful charcuterie board to my kitchen!
    Love your blog!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  23. I love the look of raw wood. So beautiful in it’s simple ode to nature. I would love to win this beautiful piece!

  24. I have been searching high and low for a company that makes wooden spoons suitable for kitchen use. There are so many poorly designed products these days. Thank you so much for sharing this company with us. I will be sure to check it out.

  25. Wow to the product, offer and number of comments!
    Don’t have a charcuterie board. Thanks for thinking of us. ❤️

  26. Love your website. I have followed you for years and was so excited when you began pond articles.😊 Love the giveaway. Thanks so much.

  27. These are really neat pieces. My daughter in love would love these. She is an excellent cook and baker. It would be a great Christmas gift for her.

  28. Still love your blog. It seems that you were going to do a new kitchen a couple years ago. Did I miss that? I didn’t think that I ever missed anything on your blog. Love the lovely wooden items. You have expensive taste.

  29. I look forward to checking out Polder’s Old World Market. My friend bought a board in Galena on our girl’s trip and wished I had. Thanks for putting this offer together!

  30. Just love receiving your emails everyday. I would just love to add these items to my kitchen. You always inspire me with your pictures.

  31. Using wooden products is like turning a page back in time, and I’m very comfortable cooking in that kitchen surrounded by basic, sensible and gorgeous wooden craftsmanship. Gives me the ‘cozies.’

  32. I’m appreciating the details of this charming piece of wood! The curved handle for ease of lifting and the rounded, circled tip for hanging if one needs too.All practical thought out details. But most of all the warm wood will age beautifully!

  33. Such beautiful wood pieces on their site! There isn’t one of them that I didn’t like! Thank you for sharing!

  34. What a lucky person who wins! I’ve been wanting to make a charcuterie board. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect board to put it on.

  35. I read your blog everyday. I pin everything. This one is no exception. My husband and I are planning a trip to New England in 2 weeks, I grew up in Massachusetts but live in NY now. Also in the New Hampshire blog by Katie she mentioned her friend Grace. While looking at her blog I saw an artical about Cancun. I pinned both because we would like to plan a trip there also. I would LOVE to win these pieces, they are stunning, but I never win anything. I have never even won a game of bingo when I take my Grams to play(LOL)

    Thanks for all your hard work and keep them coming.


  36. First I want to say, the charcuterie board is gorgeous. It would be a delight to have one of them. I absolutely love viewing and reading your posts about decorating and the photos are so beautiful. Gives a person so much inspiration! Thank you!! 😊

  37. I’ve been in love with wood utensils, boards and bowls since I was a child, helping my grandmother cook while plvacationing at our family cabin. I’m always on the lookout for new styles to add to my collection and Dreamware will fit in perfectly with the antiques and custom pieces! Thank you for sharing.