Choosing My New Exterior Paint Colors

This weekend was really busy and I got a lot done.

Took the grandkids to the park and watched Peppa Pig together,

Visited Dad in the hospital, went to the flea market,

And oh yeah … painted most of the front porch. Are you ready to see the new exterior paint colors?

(I should note here that it was a 3-day weekend.)

Took the leap and painted the front door a bold aqua color!I went bold! Oh yes I did. This vivid aqua color is outta my comfort zone.

But I saw a photo that inspired me to be brave …


Yellow House with Turquoise AccentsThis one … from the Snippets from Springdale blog.

She took this photo while touring Galveston and the contrast really resonated with me.

I knew the siding of our exterior paint colors would remain yellow.

But kept going back and forth on the trim colors …


New Exterior Paint Colors on Farmhouse CottageSo I compromised and chose blue with a touch of violet that I love for most of the trim,

and opted to use aqua for the front and back doors.

I still need to paint the porch ceiling and floor, along with the rest of the house.


Sherwin Williams Paint - Down Pour on left door, Rivulet on right doorI’m leaning toward battleship gray for the floor … we’ll see.

It takes me forever to pick exterior paint colors (just ask hubby).

Initially I had paler versions chosen, but in the end, let my hair down and went bold!


Door Painted in Down Pour by Sherwin WilliamsI still can’t believe I went this bold but I’m really lovin’ it.

I have to admit, I was nervous about posting these photos.


Front door painted in Rivulet by Sherwin WilliamsThe front door is painted in Rivulet (all paint from Sherwin Williams).

The siding is Butter Up and the white trim is Snowbound.

And my beautiful violet-tinted blue is called Down Pour.

I also took a little inspiration for my exterior paint colors from my new porch cushions.


Exterior paint colors - siding is Butter Up, trim is Snowbound, window is Down Pour. All by Sherwin Williams.I love this shade of blue on the window.

It goes so well with my new rug and game table that I recently painted.


Coneflowers and Rudbeckias in white ironstone pitcherSince I was on a color kick I added some pretty posies in dark pink and yellow.


Coneflowers and Rudbeckias in white ironstone pitcherI love the color combo of the Rudbeckia and Coneflowers.


Coneflowers in blue Atlas jarI hung a blue Atlas jar with the coneflowers next to the front door.


Exterior Paint Colors by Sherwin WilliamsSo are you saying to yourself, “What the heck was she thinking?”

Or are you lovin’ it as much as I do? I’m going to make one slight change to the front door though.

 In case you’re new to my blog, here’s what my front porch used to look like …


How I Turned my Front Porch into a Mini RetreatA dirty pink front door with dark green trim.

Ugh! That front door sure needed painting, didn’t it?

I’ll show more of our exterior paint colors as we get the rest of the house painted.

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  1. I am Loving the new colors. Fun and welcoming!
    I too am in the process of painting the exterior of our 1800s victorian.
    7 different colors.
    It started as just painting the badly worn out back porch floor and turned into painting the whole house!
    I am thrilled we decided to transform it into our personality and our home!
    Cant wait to be done and show everyone the out come!


  2. Love that pop of turquoise on the door. It works fantastically with your other colors. I am a big fan of pairing turquoise with navy or denim blue in clothes, and it looks like it works equally well on houses!

  3. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! It is so cheery and welcoming – those colors bring your house to life – excellent combo. I have been agonizing over painting my black front door aqua, but after seeing yours – I am going for it! Thanks so much for sharing these pics, just the inspiration I needed.

  4. Oh how I love pale yellow on big, old houses!!! The trim colors are perfection and look so welcoming and fresh. I love it! Will the porch ceiling be painted? A light aqua perhaps? I planted more than 65 iris in beds that I weeded and mulched last week (1000 sq. ft.). Then I cleaned up and prepped 200 more iris for another new bed that I made yesterday and plan to plant today. I’ll be scraping and sanding to repaint the trim on my house this week too. I just did it two years ago but it didn’t stick on the horizontal surfaces, hence the extra step of sanding this time around. My fixer upper hadn’t been painted in more than 50 years. It’s stucco so I white washed the main body of it and what an unbelievable difference that has made! I’m going apple green on the trim this time instead of white!

  5. Oh Jennifer it looks amazing. I love it. Yep even this white neutral girl is loving your bold use of color. It looks so great with your yellow exterior. I love the color yellow on old farm homes and the blue and aqua just bring a great pop of color. Beautiful curb appeal.
    Kris 🙂

  6. I love the colors! I am also in the process of deciding on a new color for my front door & porch. Having trouble deciding too!

  7. Not posted here before – came over from Brenda’s blog. I love your porch and color of the doors/trim. Its very inviting. It makes me smile and we can all use a smile these days. You did great!


  8. Jennifer,
    I love the colors but, of course I do, I have some of those colors in in my house too. I have a question. It is traditional to paint the ceiling of a porch a tint of blue. The reasoning is it makes the porch feel cooler, Like a fresh blue sky. Are you going to paint the ceiling of the porch with just a hint of blue? I can not wait to see it all done. As usual top notch work darling.
    Have a Happy day
    . Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & lily Pads

  9. I am totally loving your paint colours, especially the window trim colour. Your porch looks even more fabulous than before.

  10. I am painting my house and I love these colors. When I researched the Down pour color it doesn’t even look similar to what is shown in your pictures.

  11. Would you mind including a photo of the home that would show your color choices as viewed by a visitor as the approach (gardens/walk way/steps if any) i absolutely love your color choices! And I am trying to visualize how it looks in its entirety. I have a tiny house that would be adorable and cheerful in these colors! You’ve done an amazing job!!

  12. Hi – love the aqua front door – can anyone tell e name of the paint colorr and who makes it? I would greatly appreciate it

  13. I love the colors you chose. They are refreshing and upbeat. This is not your neighbor’s house. I like that you stepped out of your comfort zone. Beautiful job, well done.

    I, too, am wanting to make some colorful changes to our FL home. Thanks for sharing.

    Colors are great!
    Two questions:
    . Your front door is the TEAL…. what’s the blue door?
    . What type of side table is that with all the slats?

    I have a beach cottage…. all white…. I NEED COLOR TOO!

    Thank you for sharing! Jo💐

  15. Bravo! Every color! And you’re living in my favorite style of home. So clean, full of quaint and cheerful upscale appeal. Battleship gray floors would be lovely. Some grounding in a neutral. I just love it.

  16. What is the color of that blue door? When I look up downpour it is very dark not at all like your happy blue door.

    Help please.