Old World Kitchen and Scullery in London

Wow! Today’s Old World kitchen is truly unique with custom cabinetry and beautiful stone finishes. While this might not be the modern kitchen you’d prefer in your own home, you can’t deny its bespoke appeal.

Old World Kitchen in Creamy Earth Tones Photo by Tim Moss


This London kitchen by Tim Moss enjoys plenty of work surfaces and storage areas, not to mention some of its antique touches. 

London Kitchen and Scullery in Cream TonesPhoto by Tim Moss


The scullery proudly displays a collection of copper jelly molds. And for the record, a scullery is larger than a butler’s pantry and is another small kitchen within itself.

Old Fashioned Scullery or Butler's PantryPhoto by Tim Moss 


From the scullery, you can view the dining table in the main kitchen area. A scullery is typically located right off the kitchen and is not accessible from the rest of the house.

View from the Pantry into the Kitchen with Dining TablePhoto by Tim Moss


Gorgeous stone floors run throughout the Old World kitchen – and you can’t deny the beauty of this custom cabinet. Sigh. I would much rather have this type of craftsmanship in my kitchen than standard builder’s cabinets. 

Gorgeous Custom Cabinet in Old World London Kitchen Photo by Tim Moss


More gorgeousness is found in creamy tones. The rounded ends give the space a somewhat organic appeal. 

Cream Toned Kitchen and Butler's PantryPhoto by Tim Moss


Although the windows are small, the kitchen feels bright due to the light, creamy finishes. What a wonderful space for cooking and baking! I’ll take this over a modern kitchen anyday!

Beautifully Renovated Traditional London KitchenPhoto by Tim Moss


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  1. WOW! What beautiful rooms! It was like stepping back in time and yet what a charming, functional kitchen for todays needs. I love the cabinetry, coloring and lay out of the rooms. The kitchen was over all perfection. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

  2. Absolutely stunning! First kitchen I’ve seen that has a very calm and relaxing vibe. This is a kitchen where I would actually enjoy doing the cooking.

  3. This kitchen is stunning! All the details and layout it takes my breath away! The creamy color of the cabinets just has a calming feel, what I wouldn’t give to cook in this kitchen.

  4. I would take this kitchen over any modern one also, it is so dreamy and wonderful. The company i take my tours with each year, always have a old mansion to tour and the best part is the stairway and kitchen, sometimes the bathrooms. Thanks for this one since i didn’t get to go this year.

  5. Hello! I sent a note to you, a little bit ago..
    I asked about your 2colored door home ( which you explained to be a parlor door! )
    Then about the game table!
    Can you please send me the link to the “roadside found” game-table!
    After seeing the table, I was on a mission! I found one, but, it was delivered cracked In a few places!
    I’m soo sad!

    Thank you, if you find the time to send me the link!
    Love reading your posts and imagining what can be!

  6. Really love this, those curvy lines are unique and pretty and the scullery is my dream. I could live here easily.The whole space is very restful.

  7. I see that I commented before but this kitchen deserves a further reply. This kitchen is truly gorgeous. I’m guessing that it is a true Old World kitchen in that it looks like it might be in the “basement” area of the home; thus the 1/2 window over the sink. Can you imagine how gorgeous this kitchen, above ground, with a full view window would be?!!!

  8. I’m with you! What a wonderful kitchen. Love the cabinetry and color. Wish the standard cabinetry choices in the U.S. were at least a little more imaginative.

  9. I guess I am just weird, lol. I found this kitchen overwhelming and the colors/tones depressing. Sorry.
    I have a nice, paid for, 1500 sq ft home, with what probably is a galley kitchen, and anything more would be out of place. Maybe I just can’t easily adjust to the scale of the home that kitchen is in?

  10. I think this is one of the best use of space utilized in a kitchen…. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much for sharing this gem !!