Let the Sun Shine In with Gorgeous Skylights!

My mother never liked turning on overhead lights in any room. She preferred lamps, saying the overhead lighting was too harsh. I take after my mother in this respect. I swapped out low wattage bulbs in my dining chandelier to keep the light softer and more romantic. My favorite light is natural light from the sun. What better way to capture this than through gorgeous skylights. Following are a lot of amazing options to let the sun shine in from above.

Blue and White Living Room with SkylightsPhoto by Lisa Gabrielson Design


I’m fascinated with tiny houses and think it would be fun to stay in one for a night or two. A small home is a great candidate for adding a skylight overhead – especially if you want to keep windows to a minimum for privacy.

Modern Tiny House with Expansive Windows and Natural ElementsPhoto by Proform Construction LLC


Back in the seventies, skylights weren’t all that impressive looking. But today, there are so many unique twists – like adding artful woodwork to cast interesting shadows below.

Industrial Style Kitchen with Skylights and Pendant LightingPhoto by Union Studio


Of course, a gorgeous skylight doesn’t have to be relegated to modern homes. A traditional kitchen gets additional sunlight above an elegant kitchen island.

Traditional Kitchen in Cream and Blue Photo by V Fine Homes


Expansive skylights make it feel like you’re living right out in nature. You’ll often find a skylight or two in a Mid-Century modern home.

Mid Century Dining Room with Expansive WindowsPhoto by Studio Schicketanz


I love that this traditional dining room enjoys a circular portal with a skylight. It really sets off the light fixture and adds a touch of eclectic charm.

Traditional Country Style Dining Room in Neutral TonesPhoto by Andre Rothblatt Architecture


Bathrooms are often short on windows to ensure privacy, so the use of a window in the roof is a good way to add plenty of natural light.

Elegant Bathroom with Walk-In ShowerPhoto by VeDco Design Group, Inc


I’ve always loved the idea of windows overhead in a bedroom. Gazing at the moon and stars while falling asleep seems so peaceful and magical. And if those shades are set to a timer to block the morning sun – all the better!

Charming Under-the-Eaves Bedroom with SkylightPhoto by Fenstermann LLC


A round, custom skylight is a wonderful feature in a wood ceiling, don’t you think?

Round skylight in wood planked bedroom ceilingPhoto by Ryan Bent Photography


I’ve often thought about putting a skylight in our kitchen ceiling, which has no second floor above it. Maybe someday!


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  1. I would love a skylight, i have a cousin who has one in her bathroom and it is really nice. Thanks Jennifer and have a great 4th of July.

  2. In the skylights picture with the dog, any chance you know where that rug was purchased?


  3. My little 23 year old subdivision contractor-built 1200 sq ft ranch home came with two skylights in the living/greatroom vaulted ceiling and I can’t even imagine not only this room, but this house without the light they bring. I know if I ever live somewhere else without a skylight, I’ll miss them so much. My home was very inexpensive to build but I’ve not had one leak or problem with either skylight. If you’re considering putting one in your home, please do. You will love it!!

  4. I do not care what kind of person you are but a skylight will always be a good thing in anyone’s home. The infusion of natural light is the best kind of karma you can give your home. It also helps keep the mood in the home lighter as a result of so much sunlight filtering into the home. I adore skylights. It should be made mandatory that each home must have one in the kitchen and one in any passage way that the home has.:)

  5. Every single one of these is stunning. I am fond of skylights, we have two in our family room and one in the master closet. I am with you on the lower light, there are lamps in every room here, including the bathrooms.
    I always wonder where all these amazing homes are…Have never seen any like these except online or in magazines. That tiny house is one of the nicest I have seen. The ladder in the room would drive my compulsive self bonkers though.

  6. Our home was built in 1867, supposedly the oldest in our small town. Not sure when the bathroom was added, but it has an iron tub (platform, not claw foot) and it has a sky light!! Perhaps, since there was no electricity at the time to give it some light, but not sure.