Patriotic Decorating ~ My Dining Hutch

Normally I don’t do a lot of patriotic decorating for 4th of July. Not because I’m unpatriotic, but because summer is always busy and we usually go to someone else’s place to celebrate the holiday. But the other day I found a patriotic bunting and some flags and yadda yadda yadda … I now have a dining hutch fit for the 4th of July. (Oh, and as promised, today I’m announcing the winner of the Decor Steals gift card giveaway … at the end of this post.)

Decorating the Dining Hutch for 4th of JulyFor the most part, I gathered red, white, and blue items from around the house and paired them with the “new” stuff. I love when you can re-purpose stuff from around the house.


Patriotic Decorating with Vintage BuntingI found the patriotic bunting at a vintage store. It’s really light weight and perfect for draping.

My enamel coffee pot with blue trim takes center stage beneath it.


Patriotic Decorating with Mini Flags in Enamelware PitcherI love these little flags attached to sticks. Wish I’d made them myself.

I tucked them in another enamel pitcher with blue trim.

A red-checked vintage flea market hankie sits underneath.


Jersey Pride Mini CreamerAn adorable miniature Jersey Pride creamer sits nearby. It’s less than 3 inches tall.


DIY Miniature US Flag on a Stick I love how primitive looking these flags are.


DIY Mini Flag with Sheet MusicThis one has the Battle Cry of Freedom sheet music on it.

So simple but clever.


Patriotic Decorating with Vintage Items from around the houseInside the hutch I mostly decorated with items I already had on hand.


Patriotic Decorating with Vintage ItemsI wrapped a red and white striped ribbon around one of my vintage bottles.

It mimics the stripes in Old Glory.


Ironstone Pitcher with Red, White, and Blue Vintage BooksI found a red, almost white, and blue vintage book and placed my newest, white ironstone pitcher on top.


Vintage Butter CrockMy flea market butter crock adds a bit more blue.

I tucked a white hydrangea inside it just for fun.


Ironstone Pitcher with Red and Blue Wooden MarblesI forgot I had these red and blue wooden marbles and paired them with my ironstone butter pats.


Red and Blue Wooden Marbles on White Ironstone Butter PatsHonestly I was surprised at how many vintage items I was able to use for 4th of July decor.


Decorating a Dining Hutch for 4th of JulyAnd so, this little corner of the dining room is the extent of my patriotic decorating.


Decor Steals Gift Card

Speaking of decorating, it’s time to announce the winner of the $30 Decor Steals gift card giveaway!

Congratulations to Robin A! I’m sure you’ll find something wonderful!


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  1. It’s all so cute, Jennifer. Those little flags are adorable, I never think of things like that. Your crocks with the red trim and your butter crock are really great!