Bearded Heart Coffee and Zip Lining in Baileys Harbor

Am I becoming one of those annoying people who keep showing pictures of their vacation? I did take a lot of pictures when vacationing in Door County and think you’ll enjoy seeing this place called Bearded Heart Coffee in Baileys Harbor that we patronized almost every morning.

Bearded Heart Coffee in Baileys Harbor, WI


Bearded Heart Coffee isn’t very big but it sure is popular. People are always coming and going and it’s easy to see why. The decor is charming and the coffee is amazing.

Inside Bearded Heart Coffee


Cheery yellow rafters run the length of Bearded Heart Coffee. You can see the menu and if you ever go, I highly recomnend the avocado toast.

Bearded Heart Coffee


Of course, don’t neglect to get a latte or a creamy cup of cappuccino.

Cup of Cappuccino


Behind the coffee shop is this charming rustic building with pretty nasturtiums spilling out of galvanized tubs.

Bearded Heart Coffee in Baileys Harbor


The grounds (not coffee grounds – but the outside area) is so charming and interesting. This cute food truck was sitting out back.

Red Food Truck in Door County


Forrest enjoyed a photo opp on the truck.

Red Food Truck in Door County


Also behind Bearded Heart Coffee is an outdoor music hall that’s open on weekend nights. It sits between the coffee shop and the next door brewery.

Baileys Harbor Outdoor Music Hall


My daughter mugged for the camera pretending to be the bartender. The brewery has an interesting line-up of beer. I’m not a beer drinker but we did visit the brewery later and played bags outside.

Outdoor Bar in Door County


I was so enamored with the curb appeal of this special little place – the coffee shop, the brewery, the nearby restaurant’s food truck, and all the cuteness of the outdoor area.

Rustic Building in Baileys Harbor, Door County, WI


And on a different note but for the record, we did go zip-lining just down the road from the Bearded Heart in the Ridges Sanctuary.

Door County Zip Line


Here’s proof positive that I rode the zip-line! My family made me go first and it was so much fun. Put it on your bucket list if you haven’t tried it yet!

Door County Zip Line in Baileys Harbor


I think Bearded Heart Coffee is what I miss most about Door County! It’s where our family began the day together and I’m happy to say, we all got along during the entire trip.

Bearded Heart Coffee in Baileys Harbor, WI


While in Door County, we also visited Fish Creek on the bay side of the peninsula. You can also read about our visit to Stone’s Throw Winery.

What’s one of your favorite vacation spots that you’d like to re-visit?


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  1. What a great place to have coffee every morning, look like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing and i enjoy your posts about your vacation.

  2. WoW ! what a charming little shop. I love little shops like that. You are brave indeed. I don’t know that I could carry through with it. I don’t mind reading about your vacations, they are very interesting.