Spring Blooms: Fresh and Vibrant Flower Arrangements to Brighten Your Home

Who needs a refreshing collection of spring blooms to brighten the day? I know I do! I’ve been swooping up purple hyacinths wherever I see them. I find the purple ones to be more fragrant than the other colors. I have them in three rooms so far and love the scent when I pass by them. I’m sharing colorful flower arrangements today which are super easy to recreate. So get ready to grab a bunch of tulips or other spring flowers from the store to brighten your home.

colorful tulips in a glass vase


Pink tulips are my favorite and I love tucking them inside a white pitcher, like I did here in my spring dining room several years ago. Tip: place the tulips in a mason jar which you’ll insert into the pitcher. The mason jar has a smaller opening and will keep the flowers from flopping over too far.

pink tulips in white ironstone pitcher


Brilliantly colored tulips also look amazing in white pitchers. Cut the tulips in various lengths after you bring them home. Cut the stems at an angle for better absorption of water.

colorful tulips in white vases - spring blooms


Vintage containers and vases are always an interesting choice for flower arrangements. These pale purple tulips look great in a pastel mint green enamel jug.

Purple tulips in vintage pale blue canister


Virginia bluebells are my absolute favorite choice of cut flowers during the spring season. I have loads of these growing in my garden. They spread every year and their droopy stems always look graceful and feminine. You can see more of them in my kitchen.

Virginia Bluebells - spring blooms


Grape hyacinths are miniature versions of the fragrant spring blooms I love so much. They’re so cute. I also have these in my garden and they also spread naturally. You can buy them potted in stores to brighten your home. I replanted these in white ironstone bowls and then added straw-like moss around the base for added interest.

grape hyacinth flower arrangement


Another pretty potted flower to bring home from the store is the dainty cyclamen. No arranging needed! I love their unique blooms. When it’s done blooming, the leaves still look pretty.

potted pink cyclamen


I really love this little project I did several years ago. I lined a cigar box and planted pansies inside. Then I added a little moss around the edges and let it spill over the sides. You can find cigar boxes at Binny’s Beverage Depot for a couple dollars. Don’t buy them at flea markets where they charge six dollars or more.

Pansies planted in a cigar box


If you’re lucky enough to have a lilac bush in your yard, be sure to clip a few branches and bring them indoors. They don’t really need a lot of fussing. They look good (and smell phenomenal) no matter your place them.

Lilac arrangement


It’s fun to combine different spring blooms. Learn how to repot your bulbs together to create a pretty arrangement.

Collection of spring bulbs indoors


Yellow gerbera daisies always look like spring. Choose a fun vase or pitcher that can hold its own with these colorful flowers.

yellow gerbera daisies in polka dot pitcher


What are some of your favorite spring blooms to bring inside to brighten your home?


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  1. Just testing out my skills on hyacinth bulbs this year by pre-potting in my garage. They’ve started to shoot up already so I covered them with mulch. Bulbs are something I’ve never done much with, I’m learning. I didn’t realize I could buy them at the store, started and then pot them for indoors..very helpful Jennifer! Thank you for all these ideas!

  2. Hi Jennifer, I just want to thank you for your posts. I enjoy my time looking through all of them, Keep up the good work!!! Love them! God Bless…

  3. This was so fun, you pick a great day to show me these, it’s 19 with an inch or two of sleet. I needed to see some pretty flowers.

  4. All SOOO lovely. Watching the spring bulbs starting to peek through outside- we’re in N. Central FL. Thanks for sharing!