Cow Parsley: My Newest Obsession

Yes, you read that title right. I’m obsessed with a common weed that’s often confused with Queen Anne’s lace. Its lacy flower and fern-type leaves have stolen my heart and apparently I’m not alone. Cow parsley made several appearances in gardens at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, too.

Cow Parsley Framing Stone StepsPhoto by Jonathan Snow Design


The garden isn’t the only place you’ll find my beloved cow parsley. The frothy flower is spreading itself onto the home decor scene. I’ve seen this wallpaper used in many rooms recently. It looks fabulous in this gorgeous bedroom!

Black and white cow parsley wall paperPhoto by Chris Snook


Here, it’s used in a creamy shade in the bathroom of an historic home.

Cream colored bathroom in historic homePhoto by Historical Concepts


Cow parsley is making its way onto rugs, too. The flower provides a soft and feminine pattern for home decor.

Pastel living room with vaulted beamed ceilingPhoto by Amy Kent Bespoke Rugs


This past weekend I was running along my favorite trail and a sea of cow parsley bordered miles of the trail. I wish I’d had my camera with me. I’ll have to go back and capture some images.

English Country Bathroom with Claw Foot TubPhoto by Amy Kent Bespoke Rugs


Look carefully at this next image. The doors have a faint shadow of the beautiful plant. What a clever use of paint to create soft, visual interest.

Contemporary English KitchenPhoto by rogue-designs


Cow parsley makes a great addition to a wildflower arrangement. It’s similar to using baby’s breath in a bouquet. It lends airy appeal. 

Wildflower ArrangementPhoto by Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books


Don’t be surprised if you start seeing cow parsley used in flower arrangements around my house – like this grouping of roadside wildflowers from a few years ago.

Roadside Wildflower Arrangement

What kind of wildflowers do you have a passion for?


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  1. I never heard of this before but does remind me of Queen Anne Lace. Would pretty in a container growing too. Wonder if available.

    Enjoy your weekend


  2. I’ve seen something on the side of the Hwy the past few weeks that maybe cow parsley. I am going to have to stop and check it out. It looked to me like baby’s breath.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the wallpaper especially. Had forgotten what the plant was called. The flower arrangement is beautiful too. Thanks so much – will look forward to finding now!

  4. I too love Cow Parsley… here in the Ozarks it is plenty…just yesterday I made 3 big arrangements with that, brown eyed suzies, purple thistles, and wild daisies!! Just brings back memories with my dear mother god bless her… Its nice to see ts becoming a beauty for others!!!

  5. Hadn’t thought of it as anything but a weed before now. Thanks to you, I’ll be looking at it with new eyes. I love the image on wallpaper and the shadow of it on the painted doors. An interesting post…..

  6. I have seen this weed many times, did not know it was cow parsley, nor did I consider how pretty it could be in an arrangement. Even the iron weed has beautiful glossy leaves and could be used for ground cover in needed spots. All we need to do …..go to the great out doors.

  7. Are you picking it wild? Buying it from a florist? Growing your own?
    Details, my friend!!!!!

  8. Be VERY careful that you don’t mistake cow parsley with water hemlock, which is a toxic deadly plant that looks very similar. Check out by watching some informational videos before touching these plants in the wild!!

  9. I love the shadows on the Doors! Cow parsley looks lovely in bouquets, it makes a beautiful filler. I’d like to find some fabric like the wallpaper. I should also add I’d like it to be affordable too.