Spring Decor Home Tour: Part One

Welcome to part one of my spring decor home tour! I keep reminding myself that spring will be here soon. Truth be told, I haven’t done a ton of seasonal decorating but there’s a few touches here and there that might inspire you. And for even more spring inspiration, visit my friends at the links at the end of this post!

Modern Country Sitting Room


In the sitting room I added a bunch of pink hyacinths to a vintage Atlas jar, which I like more than my Ball jars. The hyacinths were just $5 a bunch at Trader Joe’s. They smell so fresh and spring-y! The white ceramic flower is a candle with a Gardenia fragrance. I like floral-scented candles this time of year.

Pink Hyacinths in Vintage Atlas Jar


I’ve got a couple new things on the chest in the sitting room. See that scruffy looking thing in the large ceramic pot at the far end? It’s a tumbleweed!

Nature-Inspired Vignette with Plants and Pottery


Yes, I paid money for a dried up tumbleweed because I knew it would look awesome in my large pot. I thought it would be soft – but it’s not! It’s sharp! And every time one of the kitties knocked it on the floor it would leave its sharp little points all over. I think they’re done playing with it now.

Ceramic Pot with Tumbleweed


At the other end of the chest is my beautiful hoya plant that I almost killed. I kind of forgot about it because it was on the bottom shelf of an end table. Happily, it’s back to its healthy self. It’s paired with a little fern in a birch bark pot.

Hoya Plant on Pedestal with Small Fern


The other spring decor I changed in my sitting room is the mantel. Can I let you in on a secret? I don’t feel like I know how to decorate the mantel. I rearrange stuff or add a new piece or two, but I’m never truly satisfied. My birch bark vase gets a few faux flowers and sits between a grouping of glazed pottery pieces.

Black Mantel with Spring Decor


My white ironstone was not part of my recent decorating purge of no longer needed items. I still have several pieces on hand.

White Ironstone and Pottery Vignette


Maybe I’ll try a minimalist look next for the mantel and just put one thing on it.

White Ironstone and Pottery Vignette


Tomorrow I’ll show you what I’ve done in the family room, dining room, and kitchen.

I’d like to give a special thank you to Lory at Designthusiasm for organizing today’s spring decor tour! Visit my friends below …

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  1. I love the pink accents in the tulips and the throw on the chair that are in the first photo. The pink and brown are just lovely together. Your home is always so natural and casual – just as I want a home to be.

  2. I think your mantel looks lovely. Those little ceramic bottles are so pretty. Only putting one thing on your mantel looks too stark. I tried that once with mine and for some reason it looked unbalanced in my eye just my opinion. Or maybe try resting a big print there with a small one in front. Your home always looks so cozy and inviting. thank you Jennifer.

  3. Lovely. As always. I don’t think I noticed how pretty the rug is in the sitting room and how it ties in with the walls. And I noticed the mushrooms too❤