Spring Decorating Home Tour: Part Two

If you were here yesterday for part one of my spring tour, thanks for coming back today for part two! I’ve got more spring decorating stuff in my house – mostly in the form of spring flowers.

Spring Decorating Home Tour - Tulips in Family Room


Like these gorgeous tulips in shades of pink that found their way into my family room. Each pot was just $4.99 at Trader Joe’s!

Bunch of Potted Pink Tulips on Family Room Coffee Table


My dining room doesn’t look a whole lot different since I shared the layout of my home a couple weeks ago. A long bread basket on the table is filled with a variety of philodendrons. In the background you can see a small vase of pink hyacinths in the sitting room.

Modern Country Dining Room with Plants


The dining room does sport a couple new things on the console table. Do you know what they are?

Modern Country Dining Room with Planted Basket


My big staghorn fern has a new friend – a little staghorn fern!

A Pair of Easy-to-Grow Staghorn Ferns


Grow Geneva, my favorite plant store, offers pots made by local artists and I fell in love with this imperfect little pot.

Small Staghorn Fern in Handmade Pottery


The other new thing at this end of the room is my little lamb painting. My daughter gave it to me for my birthday. She found it at a thrift shop and I absolutely love it.

Vintage Oil Lamb Painting


Look at the sweet expressions on the little lambs’ faces.

Vintage Oil Lamb Painting


In the kitchen you’ll find another batch of tulips in a green enamelware vase I recently found. We’re starting to paint the kitchen tomorrow – well, my hubby is. It won’t look much different though, the colors are very similar to what they are today.

Pink and Yellow Tulips in Breakfast Nook


The perky tulips and other spring flowers are helping my mood during this turbulent time we’re all going through right now. While other people are buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer, I’m buying flowers. LOL.

Pink and Yellow Tulips in Green Enamelware Vase


A few weeks ago I shared how to make these festive little bunny eggs.

DIY Bunny Eggs


A white ironstone pitcher is filled with pink hyacinths.

Pink Hyacinths on Kitchen Island


This bunch was also $4.99 from Trader Joe’s. Totally worth it. Hyacinths smell so good.

Pink Hyacinths on Kitchen Island - Spring Decorating Home Tour


For more spring decorating ideas, visit my blogging friends below. A special thanks goes out to Krista at The Happy Housie for organizing this week’s round-up of spring tours.


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  1. The sheep painting is beautiful. So you!
    I like your approach to this global reset…buy flowers!
    Trust the plan…God Wins.

  2. Hyacinths do smell so good! I bought some a few weeks back and I’m waiting on them to brown up so I can prep them for a fresh round of flowers for the summer. Love the sheep art. Now I need to go hunting for a warm vintage art piece and some tulips!
    Thank you for the happy post. I too have been more focused on decorating or spring garden planting to keep my mind off the chaos. I’d be doing that anyway..right?! Spring is approaching fast.

  3. I agree completely with buying flowers they’re so much prettier to think about, made me smile. Your house looks happy and love your new picture .

  4. Your house appears to be the ideal place to remain at home during this crisis. Wish mine were so. A few health concerns have put a halt to what is now partly finished paint jobs that I can’t afford to hire out and flower beds that need Spring cleaning. Oh well – I’m in the high risk group, so it’s not like I’m entertaining. It will get finished someday.

    1. Hi Pat!

      Sorry to hear about your health concerns and I hope you’re taking good care of yourself. Projects can always wait for another day. I never thought I’d live to see something like we’re experiencing now. I’ve pretty much quarantined myself and bought groceries online for the first time today! They delivered them within a couple of hours. I could get used to that! Do be careful! This will eventually be over.

  5. It all looks so pretty! I LOVE your staghorn ferns. I’d love to get some of those! The planters are gorgeous, too. I just ordered a bunch of little plants from a local plant store here.

    1. Thanks Danielle! Sometimes I feel like my plants are taking over the house. I need to stop collecting them. LOL. I think it’s my therapy though. 😉 You’ll love the staghorn fern. Super easy to take care of!

  6. Lovely home Jennifer; thank you for sharing 🙂 I would love to know where you found your sheep picture. I love sheep and it’s beautiful! Very nice touches!

  7. Oops…I was too busy adoring the images that I didn’t read much at first; went back and noticed your daughter got it at a thrift shop! Beautiful find for a beautiful home 🙂