DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

Farmhouse Breakfast Nook with Spring Flower Arrangement


Arranging flowers used to intimidate me, but not anymore. Look at fields of flowers and you’ll realize their appearance is haphazard. I used to feel like floral arrangements had to be perfect, but realize I was wrong. You can make a beautiful spring flower arrangement with just a few tips.

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement


Today I’m joining a group of bloggers to bring you a variety of spring crafts and DIY projects. A special thanks to Krista at The Happy Housie for organizing this creative tour! Links to everyone’s projects are at the end of this post. I hope you’ll give my spring flower arrangement tips a try. You just might be surprised how beautiful your flowers look when you’re done.

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

This time of year you’re limited to flowers that the store has in stock. I chose complementary blooms and greens for a soft bouquet.

Flowers and Stems for Soft Arrangements


 I selected a vintage white enamel pitcher for my vase.

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement


Once you’ve chosen your flowers and greenery, it’s time to prepare the stems. Remove any foliage below the water line of your vase. Cut all stems at a diagonal just before inserting into the water. All woody stems (like roses) should be split at the bottom with floral shears. This helps the blooms last longer.

How to Cut Flowers for Arrangements


Start your spring flower arrangement by placing long green stems. I used a mix of eucalyptus. I like seeded eucalyptus for their draping effect.

Tips for Arranging Flowers


Next, add long blooming stems like kalanchoe and stock.

Tips for Arranging Flowers


Once your greens and long stemmed accent flowers are placed, it’s time to add the largest flowers in your arrangement. It’s best to use an odd number of large flowers – I chose three white hydrangeas. It looks a little messy, but it’s starting to take shape.

Tips for Arranging Flowers


The final step is to fill any holes with blush pink roses.

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement


Finish off with small berries for visual interest.

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement


DIY Spring Flower Arrangement


The flower arrangement can be used as a centerpiece on a dining table.

How to Arrange Flowers for a Beautiful Centerpiece


Or you can place it elsewhere in your home as part of a spring vignette.

Spring Vignette on a Farmhouse Buffet


How to Arrange Flowers for a Beautiful Centerpiece


Fresh flowers in the home! Their scent lifts your spirits every time you walk past.

Blush Rose in a Spring Flower Arrangement


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  1. I have been a flower arranger for as long as I can remember. My Mom says that if there was a flower in our yard in the morning, it was in a vase in our house by lunch! I can even remember gathering honeysuckle or other greenery and arranging it for enjoyment somewhere, even if it was the bathroom! Like you I just love the sight and smell of fresh flora or fauna in a home. And oh yes, GORGEOUS arrangement. True to form, you have certainly overcome your intimidation.

    • Your mom sounds like my grandma who always had fresh flowers in her house during the summer months. She had a beautiful cutting garden and her favorites were chrysanthemums. I prefer flowers grown out in the yard over store-bought any day, but have to wait a few more months for the first of our spring flowers – the Virginia Bluebells!

  2. Your flower arranging tips are really helpful and your arrangement is beautiful. However, as much as I love flowers and anything that grows in Nature, I can’t keep my eyes off of the pics of that beautiful new table. Honestly, it’s one of the prettiest I’ve seen and such a great size for a less than large space. I hadn’t considered replacing my slightly-too-large Ethan Allen (purchased new in 1970) trestle dining table, but this table is so tempting. Spring is coming and with it, the desire to sweep out more than the winter cobwebs.

    • Thanks Pat! I do love the new Pottery Barn table. It took awhile to find the right size for the space. Next week I’m showing it with a brunch setting – and moved to the center of the nook for a different look. Isn’t Ethan Allen furniture great for longevity? I still have my EA bed that I bought about 30 years ago. Speaking of spring, it’s 60-degrees here today- but it’s really gloomy and raining. Our weather has been so weird this winter.

  3. our spring minds were thinking alike today! your arrangement is so pretty and looks amazing on your new table.

  4. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful. I have always been intimidated to arrange flowers and usually just throw them in a pitcher. But you may have me convinced. I love the greenery. Where do you find your florals?

  5. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I love your arrangement and tips but, those pretty little plates caught my eye and your wreath.

  6. Pretty choices and I agree about flower arrangements. Nature isn’t perfect. I started add green to my decorating. True clouds and cold are getting to me as it does every February. Like the small dishes too


  7. So pretty, Jennifer! Arranging flowers still intimidates me, but you make it look so effortless. Thanks for the tips! xo

  8. You made that look incredibly easy. I know its not. LOL
    🙂 gwingal

  9. This is absolutely stunning, Jennifer!! I love it – I saved it and want to try it myself later! Thanks so much for joining in on this hop!

  10. Wow! This is so beautiful! I have always been intimidated to arrange flowers, but you may be convincing me. I love the eucalyptus, too.

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