12 Examples of Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse decor comes in different forms and looks, much like other styles.

But one thing is consistent … rooms are functional and comfortable.

To highlight the variety of farmhouse style, I’m sharing 12 examples from Houzz.

Kitchen by London Media & Bloggers Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books

A rustic farmhouse table is surrounded by mismatched chairs.

In a busy farmhouse, you work with things you have.

And quite often, the look is endearing and charming.


Farmhouse Staircase by Millbrook Architects & Building Designers Crisp Architects

This historic farmhouse entryway is simple but rich and appealing.

Gorgeous wood floors add drama while vertical barn boards on the stairway wall add interest.


Farmhouse Kitchen by Grand Rapids Architects & Building Designers Image Design LLC

I adore this simple kitchen that oozes farmhouse style!

From the hoosier cabinet to the skirted sink and open shelves, it’s simple country style.


Kitchen by Pipersville Design-Build Firms Fredendall Building Company

Another farm style kitchen, this one is a bit more modern, yet still has the farmhouse sink.


Dining Room by Norwich Architects & Building Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Rustic light fixtures are frequently found in  farmhouse style rooms.

Two different styles here evoke days of yesteryear.


Farmhouse Living Room by Waco Design-Build Firms Magnolia Homes

A soft neutral color scheme fills this farmhouse living room graced with wood floors.

A chippy table and architectural shutters on the wall add textural interest.


Farmhouse Entry by Millbrook Architects & Building Designers Crisp Architects

Primitive styling accentuates this historic farm house.

Rustic beams overhead add great architectural detailing.

A rustic cow sign above the mantel echoes a farm theme.


Rustic Amish Style Room

Large storage pieces of furniture are typical in older farm homes.

Back in the day, houses were taxed by the number of rooms they had.

Closets were considered a room and were often eliminated to keep taxes down.


Farmhouse Kitchen by Dallas Media & Bloggers Sarah Greenman

Smaller storage pieces are also prolific in farm houses.

This glass front hutch holds a collection of fiesta ware, transfer ware, and more.


Farmhouse Living Room by Providence Architects & Brewster Thornton Group Architects, LLP

A newer home sports farmhouse style with painted architectural trim and a simple fireplace mantel.


Bathroom by Dallas Media & Bloggers Sarah Greenman

What a beautiful, spacious farmhouse bathroom!

A wonderful claw foot tub is paired with an old fashioned sink.

Painted bead board and a vintage mirror complete the look.


Rustic Bedroom

Planked walls and painted floors are often seen in farmhouses.

An iron bed and touches of color complement this  bedroom perfectly.

It’s easy to see that farmhouse style embraces many moods and looks!


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  1. Love this post, I really love the farmhouse look though I like to add some cottage and beach into mine as well…LOL I guess an easy way to say it would be Eclectic huh….LOL Thanks so much for sharing this post, it was eye candy for the farmhouse lover in me. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

  2. I so love these pictures! That rustic Amish Room the most. In my mind I can see myself curled up with a book. Looking out the window at the cows grazing in the pasture past the pond. Ahhh to dream…..

  3. Beautiful images of country living homes. They all remind me of my Bil’s 300 year old Spanish farm. Each room and kitchen are endearing and charming as you say! Tks. loved this!

  4. I really enjoyed looking at all of these rooms! As you said, endearing is a perfect word to describe them. Love the kitchen in the third picture ~ it reminds me a lot of yours, Jennifer!