Stairway to Christmas

The stairway in our home is anything but typical. It doesn’t have a fancy schmancy railing and it doesn’t have a grandiose curve laced with portraits of centuries-old ancestors. For Christmas, I’ve graced our simple staircase with greens and brightened it with mason jar candles.

Our stairway isn’t grand, but it isn’t a “normal” staircase either.
It has challenges like narrow treads and 2 small curves, one at the top and one at the bottom.
But it does have a quirky little window tucked at the bottom for whatever reason … I don’t know why.
Who puts a window right there in a stairwell?
But I do love the oddity of this little window in the stairway.
It’s a great little corner of the house for Christmas adornments.
A white branch atop the window gets a delicate swag of greens
while silver and gold balls are suspended by lace.
I thought the shiny orbs would make a unique valance for the quirky window.
Greens hanging from the window sash accent a glittery porcelain star.
More greens are stuffed in a First Noel bag created by Rosemary at Villabarnes.
I don’t think of Rosemary as a crafter. I think of her as an artist.
A strand of lace wraps the lip of the mason jar with a couple jingle bells on the side.
A flameless votive gets stuffed in a mound of flour.
Thank you Holly from Down to Earth Style for that “snowy” tip!
And so that’s my little stairway to Christmas.
I’ll be sharing more details of my Christmas decor the next couple of weeks.
You can see our entire Holiday Home Tour here.

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  1. Love the holiday look you gave it and love where the window is positioned. How did you get away with no railing. It is against code in my neck of the woods?

  2. I love your “simple” staircase! Personally, I like simple better than grandiose. I don’t know who puts a window at the bottom of a staircase like that, but it sure is pretty and adds lots of charm!

  3. Your staircase has to be my favorite I’ve seen this season. Your simple, elegant style is just right!! And I love your funny little window 🙂 so glad I saw you on Wow Us Wednesdays
    ~April @DimplesandDelights