10 Ways to Display Christmas Candles

Halloween is over and I feel it’s now safe to start sharing Christmas decor and ideas. I’m kicking off the season with 10 ways to display Christmas candles in your home! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Birch Cut-Out Candle Holder with Heart and Christmas Berries

Above, a beautiful birch candle holder with a heart cut-out makes a perfect vignette for Christmas. Add faux berries and snow, along with a wooden evergreen tree for a pretty holiday vignette

Use a slice of wood from the yard to elevate a common white pillar candle. I do this when I have same-height candles and want to make some appear taller than the others in a grouping. Add greenery or cinnamon sticks to the vignette for cozy appeal.

White Candle on Wood Slice with Christmas Lights and Presents


Decorate pillar candles with ribbon, twine, and ornaments. It’s a great way to use scraps of ribbon leftover from wrapping presents.

Grouping of pink candles and Christmas ornaments


Scoop out the end of an orange just large enough to tuck a tea light inside (use battery operated if you want to avoid real flames). Add cloves to make pretty patterns. This is such a classic look for creative Christmas candles.

Christmas home decoration with pomander, candles, moss and paradise apples.


Cut small twigs to wrap around a candle. I created rustic candleholders using this approach with glass candles. You can easily do it with pillar candles too.

Christmas Candles with Evergreens and Pine Cones


How easy is this floating tea light idea for the holidays? Pretty easy! Tuck a piece of faux foliage (preferable one with colorful red berries) into a small bubble bowl. Fill with water leaving about an inch at the top of the bowl. Add a tealight and you’re good to go! I created this same floating tea light centerpiece with real flowers a few years ago.

Christmas Table Decoration. Glass vase with holly berries and white floating candle.


Create pretty Christmas candles with a snowy glass lantern and a pine cone candle. Add faux snow – you can use flour or sugar to create this effect!

Pine Cone Candle in Glass Jar


Not in a creative mood? Find a small wooden box – painted or plain – and tuck pillar candles of varying heights inside. Fill the empty spaces with greenery or small ornaments, or both!

Festive Christmas decoration with four Advent candles in a white shabby chic tray with fit branches, pine cones.


I love this simple idea for displaying candles at Christmas. A tin can gets wrapped in birch bark and tied in place with twine. Three candles are placed inside and allowed to fall akimbo.

Three white candles in tin can covered in birch bark


This idea might very well be my favorite. Bake a beautiful chocolate cherry Bundt cake and place a lit candle inside when serving. So pretty!

Double chocolate cherry cake with spices and big candle in center of cake ring

How do you like to display candles during the holiday season?


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  1. I have some log rounds that i set my candles on. I had a big tree cut down a few years ago and had them cut me up some, i have all different sizes.

  2. These are awesome ideas. I have never really been a candle person but these ideas change my mind. I would think I could use fake candles too which is the way I would rather go.