Cozy Stone Cottage on the Lake

Let’s check out a pretty house on the lake today. This cozy stone cottage by Jeffrey Dungan Architects oozes charm and architectural details. The home’s exterior is especially unique with its mix of rustic wood and stone.

Rustic Wood and Stone Cottage on the LakePhoto by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


I love the diamond mullion windows throughout the home. They remind me of Dutch windows. My childhood bedroom had diamond mullion windows, although not as elaborate as those on this stone cottage.

Rustic Wood and Stone Cottage on the LakePhoto by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


The front door wears a chevron pattern flanked by diamond mullion sidelight windows. The rustic wood siding lends a touch of texture.

Front Door with Mullion Window SidelightsPhoto by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


You’ll find the same mix of beautiful textures inside the stone cottage by the lake. Rustic wood paneling pairs with casual and pretty furnishings.

Rustic Entryway with Neutral Farmhouse DecorPhoto by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


Soft linen fabrics pair with the rustic room finishes. A large flowering branch adds organic appeal to the room with its beautiful stone fireplace.

Stone Fireplace in a Neutral Family RoomPhoto by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


More rusticity can be found in the stone cottage kitchen. A black metal pendant light illuminates the kitchen island while artisan pottery displays more branches from the yard.

Rustic and Modern Country Style KitchenPhoto by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


This stone cottage by the lake has so much organic appeal that I love. Maybe it’s too rustic for some people. I love the trio of metal pendant lights and the simple, rustic farmhouse table in the dining room. The large bouquet of field flowers becomes a statement piece. Metal chairs are the perfect choice in a dining room with so much natural wood.

Modern Country Dining Room with Rough Hewn Wood PanelingPhoto by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


Here’s more of the artisan pottery that was seen in the kitchen. I keep toying with the idea of taking a pottery class at our community college. I think it would be fun if I could master the skill. I always enjoyed pottery in grade school – the feel of wet clay in my hand and choosing a pretty glaze before firing up the kiln.

Artisan Pottery with Branches from the YardPhoto by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


I hope you’ve enjoyed the simple, rustic beauty of today’s stone cottage. I love its organic appeal and mix of textures. 

Simple Bench in Rustic EntrywayPhoto by Jeffrey Dungan Architects


If you like his style, you can find his new book, The Nature of Home: Creating Timeless Houses, on Amazon.




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  1. This would be a beautiful weekend get away on the lake, but it’s just not my every day kind of style. However, I love seeing different home decorating styles. I always look forward to your Sunday home tours. 😊

  2. Natural elements always make a wonderful place to live, the windows, lights and fireplace add to the coziness.

  3. I love everything about this cottage! The rustic aspects appeal to me in such a peaceful way of times gone by.

  4. I love this cottage so much. My kind of simplicity and the nature touches make it home. Some rustic is too rustic, but not this one. Its perfect. I noticed the charcoal painted interior doors. I’m seriously thinking of seeing if I like that look. Thanks for showing it.