Stunning Florida Beach Home Is a Colorful Retreat from the World

Is your home a retreat from the world? I always like to think of my house that way. It’s my safe place where I can totally be myself without judgement – especially when I’m home alone. Today’s Florida beach home by Gil Walsh Interiors is a colorful and cheery place that makes a great place to get away from it all, relax, and enjoy your surroundings.

colorful Florida beach home - living roomPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS

Take a moment to savor the view of the living and dining rooms above. The color splashes and patterns of the rug, pillow, and blue and white flow China are pleasing to the eye. Look beyond the two rooms to see a hint of the wooden door and antique cabinet.

The cabinet is impressive, not to mention all the details of this home’s interiors. The molding is plentiful and quite detailed. The colorful rug draws your attention to the floor where you’ll see a step up into the main living area of the house. 

front entry antique cabinetPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


Here’s another view of the living room with its lively color and architectural detail. Note the round window next to the built-ins that flank the pretty fireplace. A hunting dog weather vane is a unique adornment on the mantel. 

colorful beach style living roomPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


Bump out windows create a light and airy cove. The window treatments are what I’d like to get for my own windows, but I need to finish painting the kitchen first – and hang the dining room wallpaper. The furnishings throughout this Florida beach home are spectacular, from the wrought iron lamp to the beautiful chair and accent table. 

colorful Florida beach home - living roomPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


The kitchen doesn’t disappoint with ample cabinetry and chef-worthy stove. A trio of pendant lights creates plenty of illumination when the sun isn’t shining through the wall of windows on the far side.

South Beach Florida kitchenPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


A cozy family room utilizes weathered gray paneling on the walls and red-stained panels on the ceiling. The rug reflects both colors in its vining pattern. Look closely and you’ll see the faintest of patterns in the couch and side chair. Floral pillows add more color on the cushy sofa. I love the juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity in this space.

gray and red family roomPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


A unique mirror creates a focal point above the antique chest of drawers in the hallway. Not to be missed is the darling little chair which echoes the sunburst pattern of the mirror. The green and white seat cushion with tassel ties is something I’ve never seen before. The sconces and pendant light are the same as those shown in the living room.

beach style hallway with built-in bookcasesPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


A star-shaped overhead light graces a powder room. Have you noticed how the window treatments are the same throughout these rooms? It provides cohesion from one space to the next. 

beach style hallway Photo by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


This bedroom is what I call “grandma chic.” This style is becoming more popular with the rising interest in cottagecore

grandma chic style bedroomPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


More blue and white China is found in this pretty bathroom. The branches in the pitcher mimic the pattern of the marble. 

grandma chic style bedroomPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


The exterior of the Florida beach house takes a nod toward New England architecture with cedar shingle siding. Just like the inside of the home, the outside enjoys rich detail as evidenced by the mullioned windows, columns, and beautiful stonework. 

Florida South Beach Home ExteriorPhoto by GIL WALSH INTERIORS


You can see more photos of this expansive, colorful retreat by Gil Walsh Interiors. It sure is a beauty, don’t you think?


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  1. Pretty and creative. Ha, I need another little house to use fun color in. In general, I need a light neutral palette for a peaceful life. It would be so much fun to decorate like this though.

    1. Hi, Jillian,
      I am appreciating how different we all are! I tried neutrals and they made me anxious, feeling off. I tried adding pops of color here and there and it just didn’t make me happy. I am all about color, especially blues.
      The important thing is to just go with what is right for you. I love all the various styles and colors jennifer shares. So inspiring.

  2. Another home run! Love this simple yet elegant home. Did you notice the GORGEOUS fabric on the white sofa in the living room? Oh my! And it’s NOT a slipcover! I imagine that sofa is dreamy to sit/lounge on. The Granny Chic bedroom was adorable. I’m excited that look is becoming popular. Again. 😉

  3. Love the style of this home, the pop of color everywhere. I enjoyed seeing this feel good home. Would also love to see some smaller places featured, like coach homes and condos. Most of us live in 1200 to 1500 square feet of space, although I would totally love to own one of these amazing homes. I enjoyed

    1. Hi, Maria. I am totally with you- I have an old home (built in 1880) that had many changes done over the centuries- not all good. It is 1513 sq ft, with a low ceilinged cellar, so no fabulous makeovers planned for there. I am looking for smaller home ideas too. And at true budget prices. When I read on some blogs about the $1500 sofa that was a steal? I am a thrift store and bargain store shopper, and I really believe I can do it on far less.