Timeless Charm in This Craftsman Home Will Make You Smile

A craftsman home always exudes timeless charm when it’s kept close to its original character. Today’s short tour by Heidi Caillier won’t disappoint you. The wood trim is the same as when the house was built and the interior spaces are decorated to enhance its beauty.

Heidi has become one of my favorite designers because she has a knack for pairing fabrics and finishes that you might not normally consider. She still uses traditional furnishings, but always seems to find a way to throw in an attractive twist or two.

Craftsman home living room with mustard sofaPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


For example, a coastal style blue and white striped rug is used in the family room that’s decorated primarily in browns and neutral tones. Most people would probably choose a rug in earth tones. I like the unexpected surprise though. I think it gives the room more dimension and interest.

craftsman family roomPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


A rich leather tufted ottoman serves as a coffee table and a pair of linen accent chairs are incorporated to create a cozy conversational area. Note that the lamps don’t match. One wears a pleated plaid shade while the other enjoys a mustard-yellow ceramic base.

craftsman family roomPhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


The gorgeous dining room reminds me of my first home, which was built in the 1920s. It had this same dark woodwork with a built-in cabinet like the one seen here. Sometimes I wish I would’ve stayed in that house. My dining table had Windsor chairs like the ones you see in this cozy craftsman home.

dining room in a craftsman homePhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


A light beige paint color adorns the kitchen cabinetry with brushed gold hardware to complement the warmth of the tone. Cool white counter tops are marbled with pale gray for a classic and timeless look.

Beige kitchen in craftsman style housePhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


Beige kitchen in craftsman style housePhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


A corner of the kitchen features a built-in banquette to create a charming breakfast nook. A modern style round table is used as opposed to a more traditional choice.

breakfast nook with built-in banquettePhoto by Heidi Caillier Design


I hope you enjoyed some of the surprising touches used in today’s craftsman home by Heidi Caillier. If you like her style, be sure to order her book, Memories of Home, for more decorating inspiration.


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