Charming Camp Cabin That Will Capture Your Heart

Vacation season is right around the corner. In May, hubby and I are headed to northern California for a week and I can’t wait. I love exploring new areas. In a nod to vacations, today we’re touring a charming camp cabin by Brayton Hughes Design Studio that will capture your heart.

Rustic Cabin ExteriorPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

Vintage red wicker furniture beckons you to set a spell on the front porch while a hammock summons you for a comfortable nap. A pair of lanterns are ready to provide light well into the evening.

Cabin Porch with Red Wicker FurniturePhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

Inside the camp cabin you’ll find vintage collections and casual, camp-style decorating.

Rustic cabin interiorPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

On a rainy day, hang out in the game room and play pool or tickle the ivories on the upright piano.

Rustic Game Room with Pool TablePhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

A pair of twin beds with striped blankets create a homey, rustic effect.

Camp Cabin BedroomPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

Embroidered bed linens add a touch of class and comfort in the bedroom. A floppy straw hat provides simple wall decor. I once had a collection of straw hats on my bedroom wall. I don’t know whatever happened to those hats, but I’d like to recreate that wall gallery.

Rustic Cabin BedroomPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

A gorgeous, rustic stone fireplace in the camp cabin creates cozy warmth on cooler summer evenings.

Stone Fireplace in Rustic Cabin BedroomPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

The charming bathroom is soothing and light with its painted bead board paneling. A wood vanity top adds warmth to the space.

White Country Cottage BathroomPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

The grounds also features a charming A-frame cabin.

A Frame Vacation CabinPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

Inside, a wall of windows provides expansive views of the hills beyond.

A Frame Cabin Living RoomPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

Nothing obstructs the scenic views out on the cozy deck. Such a beautiful location to enjoy vacationing in a camp cabin.

Cabin Deck with View of HillsPhoto by BraytonHughes Design Studios

See more photos of Camp Runamok by Brayton Hughes Design Studio in California.

What’s one of your favorite vacation spots?

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  1. Peace and calm just oozed from this place!
    Being in central Florida the easiest way for our gang to vacation together is to spend a few days at Hammock Beach Resort near St. Augustine. It’s kind of an “all in one” place and we book a 4 bedroom ocean front suite. Each family competes for the “Gibboney Annual Cookoff” trophy. Lots of foods, fun and precious family time. Even though we all live in the same home town and see each other lots, this is our only real “bonding time” which makes it really special.

  2. I don’t need to go far for vacation to be happy. When I was married and had children still at home, we vacationed every year in Northern Michigan either in a cabin on one of the lakes there or along the “beaches” of Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is amazing – you feel as though its an ocean and there are sandy beaches everywhere.

    In my later years, I have very much appreciated the calm, quiet, no motor vehicle beauty of Macinac Island, across the water from the far northern Michigan peninsula. A serene place that would be boring for children – but to someone with an interest in maritime history, and the ghosts of sailors and sailing ships of old – it is perfect.

  3. These are wonderful cabins and places to stay, so cozy. Hope you and your family have a great time.I have done that with my family before but, now my grandchildren are too busy in school and one is in college in California, i took them on three or four outing and am glad i did.

  4. How I would love to be able to stay in that cabin,wherever it is. Would especially love to go to M/t where we used to live,on canyon ferry lake,left there in May of 1999,haven’t gotten to go back once.we had 20 acres, was so incredible.

  5. Have a great trip to California! We lived in Northern Cal in the 70’s and in South Cal for the winter months for many years. I always call it my’ Spirit Home’. So much has changed so much over the years, but I still love the whole state. We might spend some time there this late summer and fall when it is overly hot here in Colorado. Near the ocean is nice.