Inspiring Tulip Garden Ideas

Every spring I always wish I had planted more tulips in the fall. So last fall I did indeed plant more tulips – but I fear it’s not enough. I adore masses of these spring beauties in the landscape and decided to share tulip garden ideas on the blog today.

Tulip Garden in the Landscape


Organize clusters of tulips by color in your yard. You’ll have impressive pops of color here and there.

Deep Pink Tulip Garden


On the flip side, you can mix all your bulbs up and plant them willy nilly to create a less formal cottage tulip garden.

Tulip Garden Ideas for Your Yard


Mix your tulips with other spring bulbs for a truly impressive landscape filled with color when the weather warms up.

Spring Bulb Garden Idea with Tulips and Hyacinths


There are so many varieties of tulips. Solid color. Striped. Double Tulips. Parrot Tulips with their feathery edges. Do you have a favorite?

Pink and White Tulips for a Spring Garden


My co-worker told me she planted 300 bulbs last fall! I only planted 100 and by the time I was done I knew it wasn’t enough. I guess I’ll add more every year so it’s not as time-consuming or expensive.

I like planting tulips with shorter greenery like this tulip garden by a picket fence. Once the tulips fade and the leaves start to turn brown, the surrounding plants hide the fading tulips. You don’t want to cut the leaves until they’ve completed wilted and died. The leaves help feed the bulb.

Red Tulips by a Picket Fence


An advantage to planting numerous tulips is that you won’t feel guilty cutting some of them to bring indoors!

Yellow and White Tulip Arrangement


Do you plant tulips in your garden beds? I’d love to know what type and color you have!


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  1. We’ve tried planting tulips but the deer just seem to think that it’s a picnic table set just for them. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. I’ve tried several times to have tulips, but the squirrels and chipmunks dig them up for lunch. I have several outdoor community cats in my registered colony who show their loyalty by keeping the chipmunk population at bay, but then they consent to share their food bowl with the squirrels. I’ve tried both in-ground and in-pots plantings and have given up to the will of nature’s critters. Your post makes me wish I didn’t have to. My favorite of the new varieties are the striped feathery ones, but the old fashioned yellow still have the top spot in my heart. Can’t wait for things to bloom again. This winter has been brutal on my psyche.

  3. As much as I love tulips, the squirrels seem to love them more. I plant tons of daffodils.

  4. I agree with Eve. Between, squirrels, rabibits and deer, I have never been able to have tulips. I also have planted tons of different types of daffodils and they never fail. My beautiful tulips come from the grocery store and farmers markets.

  5. Kim Lennie says

    I personally have no area to really plant tulips unless in a container but alas the squirrels will most likely get them. Our city though plants them everywhere and it always looks beautiful.

  6. Linda A Charlton says

    How can I keep the cats and squirrels away from my potted plants?

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