Victorian Kitchen in Steel and Marble

Get ready to set your eyes on a unique steel and marble Victorian kitchen that blends Old World charm with fresh modern function!

Steel and Marble Kitchen with Old World CharmPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens

You might not think of putting contemporary elements like marble and steel in an Old World Victorian kitchen, but this blend is eclectic and charming. The rich marble adds elegance to the ornate trim of the built-in shelves.

Steel and Marble Kitchen in Victorian HomePhoto by Sustainable Kitchens

A painted vintage hutch gives a nod to the age of the Victorian kitchen with its amazing molding and ceiling trim. I love that the light fixture was kept simple so as not to distract from the details. 

Note the ladder on the side of the blue kitchen hutch.

Vintage Blue Hutch and Kitchen IslandPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens

It comes in handy when needing to grab items off the top shelves. The clever owner added a sturdy bar inside the hutch for the ladder to rest on.

Blue Kitchen Hutch with LadderPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens

The adjacent doors reveal the height of the vintage hutch. I’m guessing that everyday dishes are stored on the bottom shelves while more expensive, less used items reside on the top shelves.

Country Blue Hutch in Victorian KitchenPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens

Natural wood floors play against the cool steel cabinets. The old floral oil painting above the stove is a surprising touch. I always love finding unique and unexpected design touches in a room.

Victorian Kitchen in Steel and Marble with Wood FloorsPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens

What do you think of today’s steel and marble Victorian kitchen tour? I think it’s a fresh approach but not everyone is a fan of stainless steel. My mother, for example, never had stainless steel in her kitchen. She said it showed every fingerprint and water drop, so we always had a ceramic sink. 

Victorian Kitchen in Steel and Marble with Wood FloorsPhoto by Sustainable Kitchens


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  1. Interesting kitchen.
    I’m with your Mom. I have never or will never have stainless steel for the very same reasons.
    PS: How are your fish holding out in the cold weather?

  2. I just don’t know, it all looks very elegant and i do have a stainless steel sink, but to have cabinets would be a pain to keep clean. I have white cabinets now and sometimes things sneak up on them, lol!!

  3. I feel the stainless sink is ok but not a fan of it for the cabinet fronts. I have a Victorian home and I’m always looking for ways to incorporate new ideas yet remain faithful to the style of the era. Thank you for including all types of homes in your posts, always enjoyable to view them.

  4. I find that lower cabinets seem to attract drips and drops and dog slobbers – so I would not want stainless steel lowers. I have enough trouble keeping my SS dishwasher, stove front, and ‘fridge door looking decent. I think a victorian kitchen could have been modernized in a much better way than this one. Just my opinion …..

  5. I would not want to baby the marble counter tops or be constantly cleaning the stainless steel. However, I like the way the kitchen looks. Very unusual. I never thought of having stainless steel cabinets before. I wonder wjere you get them.