Warm Up Your Home with Vintage Amber Bottles

My guess is that most of you have decorating staples that you turn to again and again. It might be statement artwork, pillows and throws, houseplants, or anything else you might love that’s always a mainstay in your décor. For me, and especially this time of year, it’s vintage amber bottles.

Vintage Bottles for Cozy Living


Today is Cozy Living Saturday for the month of October, which means I’m joining a few friends to share how we make our homes and lives cozy. Although we call it “cozy living,” we’re really talking about hygge – the Danish term for comfortable and cozy living.

During the autumn months I like to display my collection of vintage amber bottles in as many rooms as I can. I’ll even use them as a centerpiece for family dinners and gatherings. I love the way the bottles look with my amber glassware and natural linen tablecloth.

Linen Table Cloth and Napkins Create an Earthy Table Setting


Displayed in a window, the sun casts an amber glow throughout the room when the light shines at just the right angle. I also love how the sunlight enhances the details of each bottle.

Earthy Vignettes with Vintage Brown Bottles


Vintage amber bottles are so versatile with fall colors. Baby boo pumpkins create a nice contrast and bittersweet is the perfect touch of orange against the umber.

Vintage Brown Bottles and Baby Boos


The big brown bottle is my favorite. I found it at the flea market from someone selling houseplants. Most of my vintage amber bottles are from a flea market vendor who sells only bottles. He finds them in rivers, streams, woods – you name it. This guy has a nose for buried bottles and he has such great stories behind each one he finds.

I think they look best grouped together and I like to elevate them slightly to create more interest. Sometimes I use vintage books, preserved slices of trees, or even white ironstone platters.

Fall Vignette with Vintage Amber Bottles


Since bittersweet can be expensive, I sometimes mix it in with faux branches. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the beautiful shade of my vintage amber bottles. And now that I’m writing this, I feel like I want to go visit my favorite flea market vendor this weekend and get a few more!

Vintage Bottles for Cozy Living


Hopefully I can find something unique like this little bottle with its own stopper – or one like the Hollywood Whiskey bottle.

Vintage Amber Bottle Collection


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  1. You’ve got a great collection! Collecting is so fun! It’s all about the search and then the find! I need to work on building a collection of amber glass! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You know I’m completely obsessed with amber bottles too, so I get you my friend. I ahhhhhdore that little tag on the tall fella on your table scape… I’m off to make all the tags!

  3. I too love vintage amber bottles for this time of year!
    I also use vintage amber canning jars as well. They look great displayed with bottles. You can put small votive candles in them (they are heat proof) and get that pretty amber glow as well! In fact, you gave me the bottle idea when I saw you use them last fall!

  4. I’m crushing on the Hollywood bottle, it’s so unique. I save all the amber bottles from the cold brew coffee I drink. Free bottles and coffee what could be better?

  5. The amber bottles are so so pretty! I absolutely love the table center piece with them. I wouldn’t ave thought to use them in that way, love it! Happy fall friend!

  6. Those amber bottles are wonderful. I love how they capture the light in your window but also love them styled with fall accents. Such beautiful and cozy touches for fall.

  7. the amber color is beautiful and i love how striking they are with nothing in them. I once found some super old glass medicine bottles at the back of our property but they were just white….and not as pretty.