Warm and Cozy Bedrooms to Snuggle Up In

Let me first start by confessing that I’m not a fan of the shortening of days this time of year. I don’t mind a little drop in temperature but anything below freezing doesn’t sit well with me. So I’m always looking for ways to increase my enjoyment of the inevitable winter days ahead. Snuggling up in a warm and cozy bedroom is a small luxury to help enjoy the long, cold nights.

Rustic Bedroom with French LinensPhoto by Bulhon Design Associates


Textures are a great way to cozy up your bedroom. Painted paneling, wood trim work, and colorful quilted bedding come together to create a rustic country room.

Warm and Cozy Bedroom with Handmade QuiltPhoto by Kevin Gray Interiors


Blue might be classified as a cool hue, but when it’s deeply saturated it can be a fooler. Dark blue walls create a warm and cozy bedroom with layered bedding.

Dark blue Scandinavian style bedroomPhoto by John Lewis & Partners


Grass cloth wallpaper adds texture on the ceiling and walls in this country style bedroom with a gorgeous wood bed. A plaid wool blanket adds the crowning touch for keeping this room cozy.

Wooden 4-Poster Bed with Plaid Wool BlanketPhoto by Philip Gorrivan Design


Lately I’ve been enjoying cabin type decorating, including natural wood paneling on walls. I can’t think of a better way to add warmth to a home. An over-sized picture window allows plenty of natural light to flow in so the cozy bedroom doesn’t become too dark and dreary. What an amazing view to wake up to in the morning!

Rustic Cozy Bedroom with Natural Wood PanelingPhoto by Ambiance Interiors


A warm and cozy bedroom doesn’t have to be rustic. An elegant wood-carved bed and a soft-patterned rug and wallpaper create a uniquely beautiful room.

Carved Wood Bed in Elegant Yet Cozy BedroomPhoto by Slifer Designs


Natural linen sheets and comforters are wonderful to curl up in during the winter months (or any time of year, for that matter). This cozy bedroom doesn’t have a lot of adornment – and it doesn’t need it. Often times, less is truly more.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom with Linen Sheets and ComforterPhoto by nune


Try adding earth tones to your bedroom for warm appeal. During the winter, the natural hues will remind you of summer when the earth is full of life. Rich, dark wood floors are another contributing factor to this beautiful room.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom in Earth TonesPhoto by Cedar + Suede


Don’t be afraid to add architectural elements to your bedroom – especially for those of you in newer homes that are often devoid of details. Paneling with a shelf are painted a lush, dark green that adds an immediate element of warmth and interest. I’m thinking about adding something like this to at least one of my bedrooms. 

Country Style Bedroom with Dark Green Paneling for an Accent WallPhoto by Rachel Loewen Photography


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  1. I’m not normally attracted to a lot of wood paneling, even natural wood, but that rustic bedroom with the vaulted wood ceilings and big picture window is calling my name. Such warmth for a cold winter!

  2. There wasn’t one bedroom I couldn’t get “Comfy, Cozy” in! Beautiful rooms, thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  3. I am not a winter person either – January and February are always tough months for me. That blue room is beautiful though and would make the winters more bearable!

  4. The only good thing about winter is , it allows me more time to really do more things i need to do indoors, lol! If i had a bedroom like that cozy one with those big windows and that view, i’m sure i could stay cozied up in my bed longer!

  5. I love the ‘cozy in winter vibes of all the rooms and all are sanctuaries. I think the green room with the step might be in Australia and done by the Duffys, a talented Queensland couple. We are in Spring with the temperatures in the 30s already. My winter bedding is gone and replaced with just a sheet and cotton quilt.