The Patchwork Quilt Returns, Thanks to Cottagecore Décor

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of the patchwork quilt. When I was in high school, I made one to take to college with me. There’s something so comforting about their sweet simplicity. Maybe the quilts are simply a reminder of grandma’s house which is filled with love and fond memories. Today’s cottagecore trend brings back the love of pieced-together scraps of fabric to create beautiful bedding. And if you don’t sew, you can always purchase one. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

patchwork quilt by Garnet HillPhoto by Garnet Hill


Eight years ago my under-the-eaves bedroom displayed a pretty wedding ring quilt that I ordered from eBay. I still have that quilt but it’s a bit worn now so I use it to keep me warm at my grandson’s football games. 

Cottagecore style bedroom with patchwork quilt


A patchwork quilt is simply a quilt where the top layer consists of pieces of fabric sewn into a pattern. In the quilting word, there are a plethora of these patterns. Some are easy to sew and some are quite difficult.

Wedding ring quiltPhoto by HomeClick


Now here’s a place to cozy up! A patriotic quilt hugs a built-in day bed that’s overflowing with pillows. 

Sleeping nook with daybedPhoto by Ross Thiele & Son


If you like a more neutral tone in the bedroom, this earth-toned quilt lives up to its farmhouse vibe.

Gray and white patchwork quilt in farmhouse bedroomPhoto by BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc.


And if modern is more your thing, a simple triangle-block pattern is the way to go.

Modern block quilt in Victorian home bedroomPhoto by Veerle Evens Photography


Just in time for fall, you can find a variety of cottagecore quilts in autumn colors. This one adorns the wall, acting as a pretty headboard.

Fall-colored country style bedroomPhoto by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer


Pottery Barn is jumping on the cottagecore wagon this fall with pretty bedding. The Jaxson Printed quilt stole my heart as soon as I saw it in the fall catalog. The colors are perfect for my newly redecorated bedroom.

Metal canopy bed and bedding from Pottery Barn


The Adaline quilt by Sundance is another charmer that would look great in any bedroom. I love the sweet little bed skirt that they paired with it.

Adaline quilt by Sundance


Here’s a selection of patchwork quilts that you might enjoy having in your bedroom. Click on any of the images to be taken to the source to purchase it:



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  1. Aren’t they lovely? I have said on here previously that I love a patchwork quilt. I just hope they don’t get too trendy which in turn produces cheap knock offs in garish colours. I will have to wait a while for Pottery Barn to bring theirs to Australia so maybe I should just make one! Thanks as always, Jennifer.

  2. These are beautiful. But please be wary of mass produced quilts from companies like Pottery Barn, etc. Many require techniques that can only be done by hand, and when factoring in costs of materials and time required to make them, the numbers don’t add up. Only way to offer them at those prices is to seriously underpay humans for handcrafted work. Shop Estate Sales, Etsy, etc instead. Quilts are labors of love.

    1. Ok, I went back to Google where I had heard this, and turns out I was thinking about Target selling hand-crocheted sweaters. Link to read more:
      With all that said, the reason quilts were family heirlooms is because quilt making is a time-consuming art form. We should all be aware of where our dollars go and the practices they support.

  3. I love old quilts. Back when I was buying antiques, I had bought some. Maybe time to bring one out again.

  4. I have always loved quilts, too, trendy or not. They give a room personality, and a cozy feel. I wish I knew how to make them! Thank you, this was a fun post!

  5. A friend helped me to make a quilt using my Grandmother’s 1923 Singer sewing machine. The quilt turned out gorgeous. It was a lot of work and patience. So grateful for her help and support.

    I also have quilts that my great grandmother had stitched in the late 1800s. I have them displaced in a glass front hutch. They bring me such joy to look at.

    Thanks reminding us of the simple things.

  6. These are all so pretty. I have made several patchwork quilts and loved choosing the fabrics, sewing them and then quilting. They are unique and no one has one just like them!

  7. Beautiful examples of quilts. I have bought them at estate sales, an aunt made me some and I have one from my grandmother made from some old dresses and grandpa’s suit coats and pants. It’s so wonderful to have someone in the family make quilts. When my aunt was still living she helped me make a few for my sons and parents. Quilts from family are so cherished.

  8. Hi Jen, These are so beautiful! I have a couple tucked away that were made for me years ago. One even has all the quilters names embroidered on it! Treasures indeed! I’ve always been afraid to use them for fear of damaging all the hard work and love that went into making them. Time to take them back out and use them as they were intended. Thank you for reminding me!

    1. Oh yes, get them out and enjoy all the beautiful fabric and work that went into them. I’m sure the people who made them would love for them to be enjoyed. They are usually tough and well made so don’t be afraid to use them.

  9. LOTS of comments on quilts. Who’d a thunk it? And yet, they are so timeless and can fit any style. I am so glad that Cottage Core is coming into style. There’s just something special and wholesome about any “country” style.
    Anyway, I have a fun quilt story. Actually happened a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a new quilt for our guest room. The basic decor of the room is with black/white buffalo patterns. We have an antique black iron bed in there and I am currently accenting the room with yellows. So I wanted to go with tans for the fall season. I finally found JUST what I was looking for and with some online searching I found the quilt set at the BARGAIN PRICE of right at $40. YAY! So I put in my online cart, proceed to checkout and BING! I get a prompt that says, “Would you like to pay for your purchase with some of your cash back dollars?” Uh… YES! At first I was leary of the prompt, but with some checking I found it to be legit, so, CLICK… paid for! I have to admit that I did a little strut into the other room to let hubby know what an amazingly fun thing had just transpired. And I sent up a quick little thank you to a Heavenly Father Who loves to provide all that we need and SOOOO much of what we want. And often with a little Heavenly Wink. 😉 Now, do you, by ANY CHANCE, know the source of the quilt set in the third picture? I looked up the photo source and it was a lighting company. ??? I think that it would be so cute in the guest room for Spring.

  10. Ladies, quilters love to quilt and you can find your own personal quilt thru quilt/fabric stores. Check out Etsy; or let me know I have been quilting for years and have a stock pile. Or find someone to make a custom one in the colors you like. Please don’t purchase from anyone other than American Made. They will last a lifetime and then some.

  11. Love a nice handmade quilt! They don’t have to be fussy or ok ladyish when paired down by simple furniture and neutral tones. I think I need to get the sewing machine out of the closet- thanks for the inspiration!