5 Ideas for Adding Coastal Style

When the kids were little our favorite place to vacation was Hilton Head Island.

I love that island with its graceful palmetto trees, saw grass beaches, and beautiful coastal homes.

Like Hilton Head living,  coastal style decorating is carefree and beach-inspired.

For today’s Humpdays with Houzz, I’ve rounded up 5 ideas for adding coastal style to your home.

Beach Style Living Room by Sarasota Interior Designers & Decorators Tracey Rapisardi Design


1. Take Your Color Cues from the Beach

The blue of water and sky and the beige-y tan of sandy beaches pair with white in this coastal style living room. The chairs are covered in a seashell fabric.

Fish and starfish are carved into the beach-inspired trim above the blue shutters.


Beach Style Bedroom by Sarasota Interior Designers & Decorators Tracey Rapisardi Design


The same watery blue and sandy tan color scheme creates a restful bedroom.

Geometric prints keep the room from looking ho-hum, with stripes on the wall and pillows, and fun circles on the bedside chair.


Beach Style Living Room by Miami Beach Architects & Building Designers Taylor & Taylor, Inc.


2. Use Rope Type Natural Textures

Roping is used prolifically on boats so be sure to add this natural texture to a coastal-inspired room.

Rattan shades mimic the texture of roping and the seating repeats the color and look.


Dining Room by Whitinsville Interior Designers & Decorators Summerland Homes & Gardens


This dining room sports natural textiles in the end chairs and the rug underneath.

Soft blue tones create a soothing environment in which to dine.


Traditional Kitchen by Woodinville Architects & Building Designers eric gedney | ARCHITECT


3. Punch Up the Room with Beach-Inspired Colors

The red and white of this beach house kitchen is reminiscent of a striped lighthouse.

The bright red is a fun accent color in this gorgeous room with a view!


Beach Style Kitchen by Long Beach Island Interior Designers & Decorators Serenity Design


This coastal style kitchen has an element of fun with its electric blue stove and starfish on the range hood. Barrel type stools stir up visions of rum barrels transported by pirates on boats.


Living Room by Other Metro Architects & Building Designers Marcelo Brito & Pedro Potaris


4. Create Beach-Inspired Vignettes

A trio of boats adds instant coastal style to this blue and white living room,

and tropical plants create a South Seas vibe.


Traditional Living Room by Providence Interior Designers & Decorators Kate Jackson Design


A large sea shell and oversized fishing float are used with ocean-colored books to create a beachy vignette on the coffee table.

Coral artwork on the wall completes the look.


Living Room by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.


5. Add Coastal Style Wall Art

A large pelican painting takes center stage in this beautiful blue and white living room.

Seashells and coral repeat the coastal theme on the button tufted ottoman.


Kitchen by Montgomery Architects & Building Designers Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design


Does anything say coastal style as much as a surfboard hanging on the wall?

Summer is the perfect time to add a beachy vibe and now you can use some of these ideas to go a little coastal in your own home!


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  1. Jennifer such beautiful coast decor rooms. I am thinking of adding some of the lighter blue like in the first two pictures into my living room. Country Curtains is suppose to be coming out with a light blue buffalo check drape this fall and would love to add that to my white and creams. Loved all the inspiration today.

  2. These rooms are gorgeous! Thank you so much for showing them to us. Just love the coastal colors & decorating.
    I live in Arizona now but was raised in New England & the pictures remind me of my home state of Connecticut!

  3. Living Room by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc <—— everything in that room was PERFECT! The pelican art just made the room pop with all the other amazing detail!!! Thanks for sharing all so lovely & coastal -makes me want to buy something on the East coast ;)!