Colorful Kitchen Appliances: Are They for You?

Kitchen renovations can get quite pricey if you have lots of cabinets to replace or your floor needs an update. But have you ever thought of adding a spice of new life with colorful kitchen appliances?

Orange Refrigerator in Beach Style KitchenPhoto by Diana Sawicki Interior Design Inc.


Let’s start with the color blue which can have a pretty yet calming effect. This gorgeous retro-look stove wears a soothing periwinkle shade of blue and looks fabulous paired with white cabinets.

Blue Stove in Country KitchenPhoto by Studio M Interior Design, Inc


A range and hood in a deeper blue adds character without overwhelming the room. The use of blue-gray counter tops balances the bold stroke of color.

Blue Range and Hood In Traditional KitchenPhoto by Principles Design Studio, Inc.


Yellow is a popular color for kitchens and might be the easiest choice for anyone thinking of adding colorful kitchen appliances.

Colorful Kitchen Appliances - yellow stove in country kitchenPhoto by Hello Kitchen


A brighter shade of yellow lends cheery appeal and looks fabulous with the orange Dutch oven.

Colorful Kitchen Appliances - yellow stove in country kitchenPhoto by A3 Architects, Inc.


A paler shade adds softness to the wood cabinets – and look how well it coordinates with aqua!

Yellow Refrigerator in Rustic Country KitchenPhoto by Davenport Building Solutions


My daughter Stephanie would love this kitchen and its pops of pink. You don’t often see a pink refrigerator or a stove with large pink knobs.

Pink Refrigerator in White Cottage KitchenPhoto by DD Ford Construction


For those of you willing to be a bit more daring with colorful kitchen appliances, there’s always red!  This kitchen mimics the color scheme of a Coca-Cola six pack.

Colorful Kitchen Appliances - red stove in eclectic kitchenPhoto by Highland Design Gallery


Gorgeous green!  If you read Country Living magazine, you might recognize this vintage stove from the cover of a recent issue. 

Hunter green vintage stove and ovenPhoto by Rikki Snyder


For pastel lovers, you can opt for a softer mint green. It adds color without overpowering the space.

Mint Green Refrigerator in Kitchen - by Big ChillPhoto by Big Chill


My other daughter Bridget wants a SMEG refrigerator or one from Big Chill.  This kitchen photo is my favorite because I love the pairing of the vivid orange refrigerator with the beautiful Monstera plant – not to mention those gorgeous wood floors!

Orange Smeg Refrigerator in Boho Chic KitchenPhoto by Nadja Endler | Photography


Did you know you can also find orange stoves? This one is home to a fun kitchen with a unique floor design.

Contemporary Kitchen with Orange StovePhoto by Zinc Art + Interiors


I’m rather fond of orange appliances – go big or go home!  Or maybe I’m just getting a little wackier as I get older. 

Colorful Kitchen Appliances - Orange refrigerator by Big ChillPhoto by Big Chill


Could you do a brightly colored stove or refrigerator in your kitchen? And if yes, which color would you choose?

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  1. Love them all! I really like the orange but in reality would definitely choose the yellow or the blue. I’m currently adding white top cabinets and blue lower ones so I’m considering both yellow and blue. And yes, I too am getting wackier as I grow older!
    Love your blog!

  2. Back in 1969, our first apartment had a pale pink fridge and stove. Now that I think about it, they could have been loved. (I thought they were quite ugly). Avocado and gold and fall shades were the trend at that time. I tried to keep people out of the kitchen because I hated them. I’d really enjoy them now. Who knew??

  3. I liked that dark blue stove and that dark green stove was a jewel, no matter what color it was i love the stove. My kitchen could use some color, that stainless steel is getting old,lol!!

  4. I think colorful appliances are fun and would be great to have. However, I think that the addition of such an appliance requires that the remainder of the kitchen be updated to share the same complementary design around it.
    My choice would be the dark red or navy blue stove. I love stainless accents with both of those colors. I lived with almond and white (and since I’m old – harvest gold) appliances for so many years, I’m still very happy with my reasonably new stainless steel appliances.
    I loved this post. I’d never seen some of these available colors.

  5. I love the pops of color and my favorite is the red. If I had my choice when I renovated my kitchen 2 years ago I definitely would of done red.

  6. I bought Viking appliances several years ago and purchased Viking blue, which is now discontinued. I still like it and don’t regret my color choice. I would not purchase Viking appliances again, however, because have had many problems with the dishwasher and refrigerator. The stove is fine.

  7. I grew up with a yellow refrigerator that my father spray painted to go with the kitchen decor. That kitchen had a red glossy ceiling and yellow and red Henriott Quimper vibe wallpaper. It also had 13 ft high ceilings. I loved it, maybe even now more since so many memories are connected to it. I also wworked with a woman who had never married and was referred to as Miss Mary. Her entire kitchen had pink appliances, sink, accessories etc. It was too much, like a Pepto Bismal explosion. But, a colorful stove or fridge, Smeg style or Viking, woukd be quite acceptable. I recently looked up the price of tiny Smeg fridge and had a mild heart attack. If I win the Lottery, I’ll buy Bridget a Smeg fridge.

  8. I’m in love with the yellow and the red is nice too. I think it would be fun and who cares you only live once. Do what makes you happy.