White Bedroom Ideas for Summer Sleeping

Something about a white bedroom is so ethereal and inviting. Perhaps its the color that makes you feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds. White creates a light and airy element that’s perfect for summer sleeping. I hope you enjoy this collection of pretty bedrooms. I think the second and last one are my favorites!

White Bedroom with Natural Wood FurniturePhoto by Ally Whalen Design

Shades of white, from creamy to light tan or gray, create visual layers in a room and keep it from looking boring and uninteresting.

White Shabby Chic Bedroom with Metal BedPhoto by Dulux Amazing Space

White doesn’t have to be relegated to shabby chic style. It looks fresh and clean in a more contemporary setting.

Contemporary White Bedroom with Sculpted RugPhoto by The Habitat Collective

The color white can easily be applied to farmhouse style. You’ve seen plenty of black and white used by Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper. This white bedroom looks timeless and classic.

Fixer Upper Style Bedroom in Black and WhitePhoto by Anchor Builders

Add interest to a monochromatic bedroom with architectural touches like the ceiling beams seen here.

Farmhouse Style Bedroom with Vaulted CeilingPhoto by Patrick Dyke Collaborative l.l.c.

A boho chic bedroom looks inviting with an amazing bedspread with plenty of texture in light tan and cream.

Boho Chic Bedroom in Light NeutralsPhoto by Trim Design Co.

A white bedroom feels cool and calm in the summer months. Create interest by mixing both metallic and linen type fabrics on the bed.

Metallic and Linen Fabrics in a White BedroomPhoto by Morgan-Keefe Builders, Inc.

Wood always pairs well with white, whether the wood is dark and rich, or light and natural like driftwood.

White Mediterranean Style Bedroom with Hints of DriftwoodPhoto by Tom Meaney Architect, AIA

Maybe you’re not ready to paint your bedroom walls, but you can always layer your bed with light, white bedding options. I’m loving the sculpted rug in this white bedroom. 

White Bedroom with Sculpted White RugPhoto by Orian Rugs

What do you think of a white bedroom? Is it peaceful and serene, or do you find it boring and sterile?

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  1. I do find a mostly white bedroom to be peaceful and restful on the eyes. However, so do my two dogs, so at least for the time being, any white items on my bed are covered during the day. My bed happens to be in direct line to the large window that provides a view to what my pups have determined to be very interesting neighborhood watching. Sigh …. the things we tolerate for our pets.

    1. LOL. So true, Pat! I had a dog who loved “digging” on my bed and ruined several good comforters. Even with the door shut, she’d sometimes figure out how to get in the bedroom. Sigh.

      1. My nemesis of our pretty summer quilt and pillows is a large black cat who insists this is his favorite place to sleep. So during the day the bed is covered by a white cotton blanket I can easily wash. When company comes the cat and the scruffy blanket disappear. 😊

  2. My bedroom is basically white all year round. I add different throws and pillows and some times stuffed cat or dog. Occasionally I put a dark blue/light blue comforter across the foot of the bed but, only if needed.

  3. These are a wonderful assortment of what can be done to make a white bedroom better and i love them. I change mine depending on the seasons from blues to whites, thanks Jennifer and have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Marlene!

      Glad you enjoyed the white bedrooms! Now that I’ve painted mine a grayish brown, I’m struggling with its summer look but I’ll figure it out eventually.

  4. So cute! I like the first and last one too! I like the fresh flowers bringing in some color. 🌸🌺🌷