8 Warm and Cozy Bedroom Ideas

Although I’m not a fan of shorter days, I do enjoy snuggling under the covers of a bed in a warm and cozy bedroom. Here’s a collection of beautiful bedrooms that’ll make you want to curl up for a little cat nap.

Warm and Cozy Bedroom in Neutral Tones and TexturesPhoto by Ann Stillman O’leary


Wood ceilings always create cozy appeal in any room of the house, but especially in a bedroom. Add a vintage metal bed and you can’t go wrong.

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom with Wood CeilingPhoto by Lands End Development – Designers & Builders


Wallpaper tends to create a cozy bedroom environment. Cushy carpeting underfoot and added textures like an upholstered bed and a big basket lend warmth to the space.

Wallpaper and an Upholstered Bed in a Cozy BedroomPhoto by Susan Anthony Interiors


I’ve been thinking about making changes to one of our bedrooms soon and the goal is to create a warm room that wraps you in a big hug. Layers and warm colors are top on the list for decorating touches.

Vintage Bedroom in Cream Tones and TexturesPhoto by Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist


Pumpkin colors, dark wood furniture, a patterned rug, and textured shades at the windows create a cozy bedroom that make you look forward to a little shut-eye.

Modern Country Warm BedroomPhoto by Liz Levin Interiors


A log cabin sleeping porch is the perfect place for a cozy spot to catch a few z’s. A lantern on a side table increases the charm factor!

Log Cabin Sleeping PorchPhoto by Lands End Development – Designers & Builders


You don’t need dark or warm colors to create a cozy bedroom. Extra pillows and blankets lend the necessary creature comforts.

Beach style bedroom in red and grayPhoto by ComfyDwelling.com


Shiplap walls and a bead board ceiling instantly add cozy charm to a bedroom. A vintage bed and rocker intensify the nostalgic charm.

Vintage Charm in a Warm and Cozy BedroomPhoto by ComfyDwelling.com


What do you like to add to your bedroom to create warm and cozy appeal?


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  1. Sometimes my two dogs have more of my bed than I do, so I have a large comfy chair to escape to with ottoman, pillows and warm throws. I’ve been known to continue my night’s sleep there after a quick check of HGTV or the shopping network’s middle of the night offering. I love my big chair and I love retirement.

  2. I always change out my bedding for Fall/Winter and add a throw to my settee, I loved that last picture of that bedroom it was the coziest.

  3. Love each and every one of these bedrooms. So Cozy. Love quilts on our bed, makes bed feel coziest ever, especially in winter when we come home from being gone for day on a cold and snowy day. Makes me want to curl up in bed for a good read. Especially when we lived in MT,had some pretty darned cold temps at times,like 40 and 25 below. Our back door swung in so would freeze. Our water pipes would freeze so had to wait til they warmed up to take a shower. That was in our first mfg. home.
    Our dblwide was made better so didn’t have those freezing problems, ordered much better insulation in walls and floor, ceiling.
    Love seeing these bedrooms.want to see what I can do to make our room look so cozy. I have several good warm quilts that only get used in winter. Since we have a queen metal bed now/had king for many years, can double quilts on bed to keep warmer at night. Usually have about 4-5 quilts on bed in winter with flannel sheets.I even use flat flannel sheets for curtains in winter, does help.
    Flannel sheets are a must for us,feel so cozy and warm.

  4. Hello! I was wondering if you remeber where the bed frame in the first picture came from? My mom fell in love with it and we cant find it anywhere 🙂 any help would be great!

  5. What nice rooms! Think my favs are the first two and the sleeping porch. My dogs have always added actual warmth lol. My big old lab used to keep my feet warm. I miss him so much. I love the look of quilts but prefer big fluffy comforters for sleeping.

  6. All nice bedrooms but my favorite two are the second, with the wood ceiling and metal bed, and the last one with the nice warm cream colors. Very nice. But I’m still not ready for winter! Oh well, it will be here soon.