Ideas for Decorating a Christmas Tree: Inspiration for a Festive Holiday!

I told myself I was going to wait a couple of weeks before sharing anything Christmas-related. But here I am, sharing inspiration for decorating a Christmas tree. There’s a reason why I decided to jump the gun – it’s because I’m having trouble deciding how to decorate my own tree.

Each year I like to focus on a holiday decorating theme, and it always starts with the tree. The past two years I created an Old World style tree, and the years before that it was metallic or white. I want something different for 2023 and so I’m struggling without much coming to mind. And that’s the reason for today’s post about finding inspiration to create a festive holiday.

Christmas tree at the entrance to a home

I love the gold and white theme on the outdoor tree in the above photo. It’s so elegant, pretty, and simply done. Gold and white is a great color combination for a flocked tree, don’t you think?

The charming tree below features green and bronze ornaments. I always used to think green ornaments were a bad choice for a green tree because the color would get lost, but I really like the way they look on this tree. One tip you can try this year – hang your ornaments with narrow velvet ribbon instead of the little wire hooks. The ribbon adds to the beauty of the tree.

Vintage green and gold ornaments - decorating a Christmas tree


Last year I hung my ornaments with a subtle, glittery ribbon, and then decided to add velvet bows to the branches while I was at it. I used the same velvet and glittery ribbons on my wrapped gifts to create a unified holiday look.

European style Christmas tree


You know, with the recent stressing over how to decorate this year’s tree, I’ve toyed with the idea of a plain tree. This one is featured in a Scandinavian home and I think its simplicity is rather pretty.

Naked Christmas Tree


Then I remembered I had a naked Christmas tree in my kitchen’s breakfast nook a few years back. It’s a small, real tree propped in a basket. I think it works in this space.

Christmas Breakfast Nook


The thought of a sparsely decorated Christmas tree also crossed my mind. I’ve seen them in magazines and dream of how nice it would be to go simple. Although that’s hard for me to do since I’m more of a maximalist when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree.

sparse Christmas tree in a kitchen


Sparsely decorated trees are best for real trees, in my humble opinion. It allows the natural beauty of the tree to shine through.

decorating a Christmas tree - sparse decoration ideas



How about blue? Classic red and green has never really appealed to me. Not sure why since I like it in other people’s homes.

Beautiful blue Christmas tree


Or how about something whimsical like this gingerbread tree? Strands of red yarn and natural raffia create an interesting (and inexpensive) garland.

gingerbread Christmas tree


An all-white tree enjoys a mix of wooden and glass ornaments. This look is a great choice if you prefer neutrals and texture in your décor.

elegant white christmas tree


A clever idea for decorating a Christmas tree is to use items from the floral department of your local craft store. Simply push the stem of the flower into the tree in various locations. This is also a great way to fill holes in your tree.

Faux floral holiday tree


Create an earthy and organic tree by using orange slices and other items from nature like real pine cones. Finish it all off with a natural wooden ball garland.

earthy and organic holiday tree


Last but certainly not least, is a vintage style tree that will always be in fashion. I think this one might be my favorite of all of today’s trees. You can find vintage ornaments at flea markets, or purchase reproduction options on Amazon or at big box stores.

live tree with vintage glass ornaments in the living room


After looking at various ideas for decorating a Christmas tree, I think I finally settled on a theme for this year. Stay tuned for the reveal!


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  1. Beautiful trees but my favorite is the vintage. I do like the flocked trees outside with gold ornaments. I have a small tree in my living room that is very vintage. I made ornaments similar to what they did years ago with old family pictures on cards with glitter etc. Saw this tree in a Christmas walk in Madison Indiana. I loved it.

    1. Can’t wait to see your reveal. So many ideas. I love a simple tree also but sometimes I think the decorator is just a bit lazy. When it comes to decorated trees, “the more the merrier”. More for children to just gaze up in wonder. Happy decorating!

  2. I’ve been debating putting my tree up this year. I haven’t put it up since I got my kitten (now adult) three years ago. I think he can handle the responsibility now… maybe! I lean toward the natural style trees or vintage. I’ll probably start decorating next weekend since next week is when the holiday festivities begin here in Denver – lights at the gardens on Thursday evening and a holiday home tour with decor by local shops and floral arrangements by local florists next Friday. Can’t wait! I’m sure whatever you do will be beautiful as always!

    1. I was thinking minimal this year too, but I love the natural tree. Nothing on the tree would probably be ok with a flocked or frosted tree, but I was thinking what if you tie velvet ribbons, dried orange slices and then commit to a certain number of ball ornaments based on the tree size. Enough ball ornaments to add sparkle or color, but not a bunch of them. Hmmm, can’t wait to see what you decided on : )

  3. Does anyone know what kind of lights are on the Natural tree with the wooden ball garland? The lights are tiny and look like they are just floating. All of the trees are so beautiful. ♥

  4. Can’t wait to see your reveal. So many ideas. I love a simple tree also but sometimes I think the decorator is just a bit lazy. When it comes to decorated trees, “the more the merrier”. More for children to just gaze up in wonder. Happy decorating!

  5. Your Christmas kitchen picture is pure perfection. That little tree 🌲 in the basket, table setting….well just everything, sigh. This year I purchased a new unlit “Norwegian Spruce” tree that is sparce and old fashioned looking. Widely spaced branches that I plan on decorating with old and new glass ornaments and ornaments that I received as gifts through the 50 years I’ve been married. Ribbons and beaded garlands too. It’ll be my nostalgic “family” tree and hopefully I won’t tear up too badly decorating it. Lol