Hillside Homes of Chattanooga

Two months have passed since my trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee and I just now realized I didn’t share all the photos of beautiful houses that I took while there. So today features a final collection of hillside homes from both Lookout Mountain and Signal Mountain. It’s a pleasant mix of small and grand homes.

Gray One-and-a-Half Story Home in Chattanooga


One thing I absolutely must have in any home I live in, beside lots of windows, is plenty of trees in the yard. The bigger the trees, the better. The hilly regions of Chattanooga neighborhoods did not disappoint in this regard.

Two Story Hillside Home on Wooded Lot in Tennessee


I think I may have missed my calling in life; I should’ve been an arborist. When I was a kid, I climbed every tree with branches low enough for me to grab onto. We had a beautiful locust tree in the backyard that I would climb almost every day in summer. I’d perch in a little v-section at the very top of the tree and watch the goings-on in the neighborhood below. It was quiet, peaceful, and away from my annoying brothers!

English Style Tudor Hillside Home on Lookout Mountain


In addition to large trees, I also prefer neighborhoods with a variety of architectural styles. This modern style farmhouse is tucked between older homes but doesn’t look out of place. It was probably a renovation.

Modern Farmhouse on Lookout Mountain, Georgia


And as I said earlier, some of the hillside homes in this collection are grand, and some are small like these charming bungalows.

Small, Gray Tennessee Bungalow with Full Porch


Signal Mountain Bungalow Style Home


Who can resist a charming bungalow with a white picket fence? I know I can’t! This one is on Signal Mountain, which is located north of Lookout Mountain. The neighborhoods are very similar.

Bungalow Home with White Picket Fence on Signal Mountain


Brown Cottage - Hillside Homes of Chattanooga


This gorgeous stone and stucco beauty is built on the ridge of the hillside of Lookout Mountain and enjoys amazing views.

Large Stone and Stucco Home in Southeast Tennessee


And this charmer is tucked behind a larger home. I’m not sure if it’s a small rental home or a she shed of sorts. Either way, it enjoys a small private patio.

Garden Shed Type Retreat


If you live in the south, it seems like you should have a big front porch.

Large Gray House with Big Front Porch


Large or small, the hillside homes of Signal Mountain and Lookout Mountain are charming and livable.

White Ranch Home on Wooded Lot


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  1. My favorite of this group is the first house it just looks so cozy!! But there is a lot of lovely homes!!

  2. I loved this walking tour, I think it’s always fun to see what other people have done to their homes. My favorite was the one with a picket fence, I wanted a picket fence but they are twice what they were last year.