A Quaint Wooded Cottage and Kitchen Ideas: Friday Finds

Hello friends! It’s been four weeks since I’ve shared any Friday Finds. I didn’t realize it had been so long. These past few weeks I’ve been focusing most of my attention on gardening and getting the pond in tip-top shape for summer. In addition, I started a new exercise routine that’s going really well but also takes more of my time – but it’s time well spent and I have more energy because of it. Anyway, enough of me. Let’s see all of this week’s goodies!

pale blue wooded cottage

Let’s start with a sweet little wooded cottage that was renovated by Fixer Upper experts, Chip and Joanna Gaines. You’ll enjoy the before and after pictures that are included. What first caught my eye was the charming windows above the flower box.

Are you tired of the way your refrigerator looks and wish you could give it a refresh without buying a new one or spending money on an expensive wooden structure to surround it? How about a fridge wrap? I think this is such a clever idea and a fun way to add color and pattern in your kitchen. Not to mention, this Etsy vendor is Ukrainian so you can help support someone in the war torn country. She works her best to ensure your product is delivered despite some of the challenges. Last year I bought Ukrainian Christmas ornaments for my tree and they arrived intact and in a timely manner.

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping in an alcove bed? Check out these 10 alcove bed ideas that sure would be cozy and comforting. I think I like the Book Nook one best.

Do you love spending time at the lake during summer? Linda Reeves shares how to get the lakeside cottage look in your home. You might enjoy the nostalgia of childhood vacations that the look invokes.

If you want to give your kitchen a bit of a designer look, read these 12 tips for making your kitchen look better. You might be surprised that most of them don’t cost a lot of money and are easy to pull off.

In preparation for summer evenings, my friend Danielle at Finding Silver Pennies shares how to hang string lights outside. I’m definitely using her tips when I hang some above our deck overlooking the pond.

Speaking of being outside in the summer, check out this Dalgona whipped coffee recipe. Coffee never tasted so good!

Enjoy your first weekend of June. It’s gonna be a hot one here in Chicagoland so I’m thinking of doing a little kayaking on a nearby lake. It’s always cooler on the water.

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  1. Hello, the cottage picture and link don’t match, the pictures are from a totally different home. I did try to search the home on Magnolia.com but was unsuccessful. Do you happen to know which episode by chance? Thanks for sharing the exterior picture, I do love the look but was wanting to see more of the grounds and the inside for my future home board.

    1. I too want to know where this house is and more about the remodel. Stephanie is right the house and Episode 7 do not match. I am designing my forever home. This house is gorgeous and is exactly what I want.
      Anxiously waiting for your reply.

  2. I loved the Chip and Joanna cottage it was so serene. Then the lake cottage was colorful and cute, fun.I enjoy cosy and comfy rooms with a touch of “old fashioned” loved pieces.

  3. I Liked the Chip and Joanna cottage redo. I am leaning towards a new look with soft white walls, tans and greens since we have oak floors and woodwork. I was told this means I need to stay with modern farmhouse. I like the farmhouse look and would like to keep a couple of antiques I have. I like the cozy feel as well as the fresh updated look. Can I mix?

    1. Mix til your heart is content, Kathy! No “style” or “trend” should keep us from enjoying the things we love.

  4. The alcove beds were inspiring. How about those CASHMERE draperies in the “Hidden Comforts” picture?!!! I have honestly never heard of using CASHMERE for draperies. WOW! Hope that home is well insured- just for the cashmere draperies alone!! I bet they are beautiful. I plan on wearing cashmere endlessly in Heaven 🙂

  5. Been a while missed seeing these. House tour was nice but what did they do with those lead glass windows? Thanks and have fun this weekend.

  6. The exterior of the house is the best to me. To make that roof the same color was genius!
    I do wish Joanna and Chip hadn’t left HGTV. Can one have too much?
    I can’t see paying for more tv channels when I only watch HGTV, Survivor, History, Animal Rescue shows and Grace and Frankie..yep I’m behind the times:0)
    Love this blog!