An English Bedroom, Christmas Trees, an Earthy Living Room, and More: Friday Finds

I’m happy to say I haven’t put my Christmas tree up yet. In years past when I’ve done a big Christmas tour, my tree is up and ready to go right after Halloween. Not this year though. I’m going to wait a couple weeks. Last year I didn’t even reveal my tree until Christmas Eve, which I found more relaxing and refreshing. It takes a lot of work, time, and money to decorate the whole house. I think those days are officially over and holiday trimmings will remain simple from here on out. But enough of Christmas talk, let’s got on to today’s treasures that feature an English country bedroom, a tour of a London flat, an earthy living room, and more (including a few Christmas trees from years past).

English country bedroom

I know a lot of you love English country style, so I’m starting today’s finds with a charming English cottage inspired bedroom. You’ll enjoy seeing how a basic bedroom can become something truly beautiful and special.

Next is a London flat that’s filled with rich color and interesting nooks and crannies. It’s given me a few ideas for my own home.

Tour an earthy and organic living room with a bit of contemporary style. I love the pottery in this space!

I’m in the market for curtains and I found the loveliest patterns on Etsy, for both curtains and pillows.

For today’s blast from the past, see a collection of favorite Christmas trees. Some are my own, and others are from blogging friends.

And finally, if you’ve started planning your Thanksgiving menu and struggle with cooking a moist (not dry) turkey, see my recipe for brining a turkey. Your turkey will always be moist when you brine it (provided you don’t way overcook it).

Enjoy the first weekend of November! My daughters and I are taking a weekend trip to Heritage Harbor in Ottawa to attend the art and wine festival. I can’t wait!

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  1. The Christmas trees are all lovely. I personally love using glitter, along with antique items for Christmas decorating. The glitter, to brighten up the old, as in making all things appear (somewhat) new and lively again. ..Thank you, for the brine recipe. If and when I ever cook another full turkey, I will try it. ..May you have a very happy and safe weekend with your daughters.

  2. I love that you don’t have your tree up yet! Me either. My fall decors will linger and be enjoyed until after the Thanksgiving feast! I think we start way to early on every holiday pushing the decor to start way to soon. I enjoy Halloween with my grand daughter trick or treating then savor November 1as I begin to think of our Thanksgiving and all the beautiful fall colors. Christmas for us begins once the Thanksgiving weekend is over. Savoring every moment and the calm quiet that January brings! The tree is not taken down though until after January 7 and Christmas music is definitely okay after November 1 😉

  3. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your time with your daughters.
    Off to check out and enjoy all of your links.