Nine Cute Breakfast Nooks: Your Perfect Morning Hideaway

Now that it’s getting colder outside, it might be less enjoyable to have your morning coffee out on the porch or patio. Fall is a great time to turn your decorating eye toward your interiors and see what you might want to improve. Today I’m featuring nine cute breakfast nooks to help inspire you on ways to refresh where you start your day. There’s a variety of styles from warm and cozy to light and airy. Read on and see which one becomes your favorite.  (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

First up is a charming, Swedish style nook found in a Stockholm home. It’s not surprising to find a splash of red and plenty of white which Swedes like to use in their decorating. A small wood table features a trio of drawers that can be used to store silverware or napkins. The large window provides a nice view to enjoy nature.

Swedish style breakfast nookPhoto by Löfström Arkitektkontor AB


An arched entry leads into this small dining space with a small, contemporary table. A built-in banquette makes the most for seating while the built-in cupboard creates ample storage seldom found in smaller, older homes. The patterned floor is an added bonus. Such a cute and cozy place to start the day.

cute breakfast nook in small farmhousePhoto by Storie Collective


White and wood always looks so rich and inviting, and it’s perfectly paired in this third breakfast nook with painted bead board, modern wood table, and wishbone chairs.

cute breakfast nooks - wood and whitePhoto by Far Studio


Add a pretty tablecloth to your morning nook to give it a fresh look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match chairs like this cozy spot. Flea markets and resale stores are great places to pick up chairs on the cheap. The bay window provides magnificent views outside. Are you noticing a theme of windows here? Move your table near a window if the room’s layout allows for it.

vintage style small dining roomPhoto by John Cole Architect


This might be the coziest of today’s cute breakfast nooks. The rich wood panels and leather banquette immediately create warmth and depth in the space. The trees outside add to the cozy vibe.

wood paneled, small dining roomPhoto by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


If light and airy is your thing, you’ll love this little white nook with pops of pink and green. Cross back chairs are a great option when you struggle to choose the right style chair. They’re classic and mix well with other styles.

white dining nook with pink and green pillowsPhoto by Normandy Remodeling


Wouldn’t this be a cheery spot to start the day with coffee and donuts – or fruit if you prefer to eat healthy. The various patterns, all with a bit of blue, harmonize well. And once again, plenty of windows let the natural light shine in. I’m not a fan of turning lights on first thing in the morning, so any of these cute breakfast nooks with windows get a thumbs up from me.

bright and cheery dining roomPhoto by Shorebird Interiors, LLC


Here’s another example of wood and white together, with a few black accents tossed in. A banquette creates seating for three, which is a great way to make the most of a small space. The table is narrow, allowing for a cozy dining spot in this alcove. Sometimes you need to get creative with smaller spaces.

modern farmhouse dining alcovePhoto by Casework


And finally, a breakfast nook that’s more on the modern/transitional style. Black Windsor chairs snuggle up to the round table under a pretty pendant light. Blue and white windowpane shades add color and interest on the windows while still providing a view into the yard.

transitional style dining spacePhoto by Studio McGee


Do you have a favorite from today’s lineup of cute breakfast nooks? You’ll find ideas in each of the examples that you can incorporate into your own home. Whether it’s new chairs, a tablecloth or curtains – the choice is yours. Of course, you might be perfectly happy with the space where you start your day!


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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for your blog and the fresh content you bring to your readers. I enjoy reading it every time it comes in my email, and it’s a little escape that I truly appreciate. Thank you!

  2. My favorites are 4 and 6. I do have a small table and chairs in my kitchen by my window and it is nice since it’s too cold outside to sit on my screened-in porch.

  3. Such cut areas, my favorites are 4 and 6. I do have a small table and chairs in my kitchen by my window and it is nice since it’s too cold outside to sit on my screened-in porch.

  4. The last one, with the blue blind (I have similar) would fit right into my home but it is the one with the tablecloth that takes my heart. I love the idea of starting my day whilst looking out the window. Coffee breaks might take longer though.

  5. I love the table and mishmash of chairs in #1. The nook and tablecloth in # 4 really set it off. The combination of pink and green together in #6 are favorites of mine. Really enjoyed this post!