Victorian Home Exterior: Off-the-Chart Curb Appeal

When considering all types of home styles, I think the Victorian home exterior is probably the most ornate and intricate. Common features include towers, turrets, dormers, and wide wrap-around porches. All of which you’ll see in these gorgeous homes with off-the-chart curb appeal!

Victorian Home Exteriors - orange historic housePhoto by David Heide Design Studio


Victorian style evolved from the romantic thought that fashion, architecture, and furnishings should be beautiful rather than practical. Women’s fashion included corsets, hoop skirts, and yards of fabric. And so, the Victorian home reflected a similar ornate style.

Blue Victorian Home ExteriorPhoto by Dunn-Edwards Paints


Architects of the day took Gothic style and married it with French, Italian, and Tudor details. The Victorian era fueled the industrial revolution, which made it easier for elaborate house materials to be created faster and cheaper. Everyone was able to afford some type of Victorian home detail.

Stately Victorian Home with Three-Story TurretPhoto by C&M Woodworking


Paint is often used to highlight details of Victorian trim work and design. The phrase “painted lady” is commonly applied to multi-colored Victorian architecture. Even less ornate homes like this one look pretty in bright paint.

Adorable Turquoise Victorian HousePhoto by Ronse Massey Developments


I think this brown house with its proud red roof is my favorite on today’s list. You can enjoy all the trimmings along with three stories of porches!

Beautiful Brown Victorian with Red RoofPhoto by Plumb Square Builders


This beautiful home got a gold star for curb appeal! One can only imagine what the rooms inside that amazing turret look like! And did you notice the beautiful leaded windows and the fancy trim on the dormer?

Historic Home with Rounded TurretPhoto by Kailey J. Flynn Photography


A Victorian home looks elegant even when it’s painted in soft hues. Different shades of cream and green accentuate the details without jumping out at you.

Light Green Historic Home with Curb AppealPhoto by Intertwine Design


There’s no denying the irresistible curb appeal of a tastefully ornate home.

Light Cream Painted Lady HomePhoto by Selectwood Marvin Showcase


Toward the end of the Victorian era, the Arts and Crafts movement took over America and architectural trends turned to less complex and complicated details. 

Magnificent Dark Green Victorian Historic Home on a HillPhoto by Design Associates Inc

Although Victorian styles fell out of favor at the time, they remain popular in historic districts. Do you have a favorite from today’s display of gorgeous homes?

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  1. Victorian homes are so very lovely. I have seen some that won’t sale and it is so sad it makes me wish i were rich and i would save them all. They all have a personality of their own, they are all so different and wonderful. Thanks i enjoyed.

  2. The soft-hued home was my favorite. I think some of m y love for i t was also the casual landscaping. I’m not a fan of very carefully manicured lawns, trees and shrubs – too “strict” for me.