Charming Southern Homes in Lookout Mountain, Georgia

A couple weeks ago I shared a walking tour of homes located on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. Today we’re headed to the Georgia side of Lookout Mountain to enjoy more curb appeal and pretty Southern homes.

Southern Home located in Lookout Mountain, Georgia


One thing I noticed right away when crossing over onto the Georgia side of the mountain is that many of the homes are smaller. Yes, you’ll still find some grand houses (which you’ll see further down), but there are still more affordable options in the neighborhood.

Cute Tudor Home in Lookout Mountain, Georgia


Some of these homes are just a few blocks away from Rock City. In fact, I went to Rock City every morning during our Chattanooga vacation to get coffee at the Starbucks located there. I noticed several of the residents would walk their dogs to the Starbucks, too. I thought about how nice it would be to live in this neighborhood of pretty Southern homes and know everyone by name. I could see myself living in this charming yellow ranch, for example.

Charming Yellow Ranch House in Georgia


One thing I especially loved about this area was the woodsy vibe. In addition to living in a house with lots of windows, also need big trees on the property. I love this white ranch with its pale blue door and shutters. The landscaping is so pretty, too.

Southern Home near Rock City Georgia


A flagstone walk weaves its way to the front door of this bungalow-style Southern home on the mountain. I like that native plantings are used in the front yard as opposed to a sea of grass.

Bungalow Southern Home with Full Front Porch


This white ranch didn’t scrimp on the front porch. As a northerner, I feel like you almost have to have a big front porch if you’re going to move south.

White Southern Ranch Home with Pillared Front Porch


Strolling through the Georgia side of Lookout Mountain, I felt like one house was just as charming as the next. Seriously, I could’ve taken a photo of every house.

Cottage Bungalow on Lookout Mountain in Georgia


I love the stone wall in front of this white-washed brick ranch. More landscaping is located in front of the porch, which lessens the amount of grass you need to mow. I’ve slowly been taking this approach at my own home. Adding more garden and outdoor living spaces to replace the grass.

Stone Wall in Front of Southern Home


The variety of architecture in this neighborhood is so appealing. You won’t find any cookie-cutter homes on Lookout Mountain. When we go back, I plan to explore more of northern Georgia. It’s so beautiful.

Gray Ranch Home in Georgia on Wooded Lot


Are you ready for a couple of grander homes on the south side of the mountain? How about this two-storied porch on a wooded lot?

Two-Story Porch on a Southern Home in Georgia


This large, white Southern home is quite impressive and I found myself wondering how long it would take to tour the whole house and how many bathrooms it has.

Large White Southern Home in Lookout Mountain


Just like the Tennessee side of Lookout Mountain, the Georgian side has amazing views, too.

A residential view from Lookout Mountain


We did go to Rock City while on our Chattanooga vacation. This is just one of the amazing sights we saw while there. I’ll share another post about the gardens at Rock City – it was pretty amazing. Can you imagine living in a neighborhood within walking distance to this gorgeous waterfall?

Main Waterfall at Rock City in Georgia


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  1. Just beautiful! I would love to live in or near Mountains, particularly on the northwest coast!
    No mountains here in Sycamore IL ☹️

  2. These are beautiful homes and there is nothing like having the mountains as your backdrop. But I was wondering you called a few of these homes ranchers when it was clear they had a second level. I always thought ranchers were all one level only. Is it possible you could clarify this for me.

    1. Hi Kim!

      I think technically the houses would be called one-and-a-half story homes if the second level is finished. On the yellow house, for example, there are narrow dormer windows in the roof and I guess I called it a ranch assuming the dormers were for curb appeal only. It’s quite possible the second level is finished. I once lived in a house that had windows in the attic but the space was long, narrow, and unfinished.

  3. Dreaming is what I am doing, this was so pretty and relaxing. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  4. That waterfall is amazing as is the fact it is in easy walking distance of the beautiful homes.

  5. Wow! Such a nice area and beautiful homes!! Thanks for sharing. It’s fun to see new to me places in our country!