Candlelit Mantel for Early Nightfall

My house is transitioning from fall decor to Christmas. My holiday home tour is the last week of November which is why I need to start decorating now. I was playing around with the mantel after removing my brown bottles, and started to set up my candle holders. I’ve started collecting wooden candle holders and thought a candlelit mantel might be perfect for early nightfall now that we’ve turned back the clocks.

Wooden Candle Holders on Vintage Mantel


I love the intricate details of each candle holder.

Candlelit Mantel


On a side note, thanks to those of you who said I should paint my mantel gray. The next time you see my mantel, it’ll be gray. I agree with those of you who said it’ll stand out more.

Country Farmhouse Candlelit Mantel


Soon the fall foliage will be replaced by Christmas garland. I’m looking for a piece of art to replace the wheat bundle for the holiday season.

Candlelit Mantel


Wouldn’t it be fun to carve your own candle holders? Think of all the intricate details you could create.

Wooden Candle Holders on Vintage Mantel


In the center of my candlelit mantel is a wooden lantern that I filled with three pillar candles.

Country Style Mantel with Candles


The little round wooden table is a recent find from HomeGoods. I found the angel wing sconces from Hobby Lobby earlier this year. The old window frame is from our local flea market. I think I have enough holders for my candlelit mantel. I shared some of them in my Cozy Living post this past Saturday.

Country Farmhouse Candlelit Mantel

Yesterday I finished decorating our flocked Christmas tree. I wasn’t really in the mood but as I got going, the Christmas spirit started to fill me. It seems a little early to tackle holiday decor, but I’ll have it done in a couple of weekends and then I can sit back and enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas. How soon do you put up your tree?

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  1. Love the wood candlesticks! Your mantel looks lovely. I have always loved candle light. It just makes a room look festive. In the past, we have always cut our tree so we would do it 2 weeks before Christmas on my son’s birthday weekend (he was born on 12/16). Last year was our first “artificial” tree. I like the fact that I can put it up whenever and take it down whenever. I do miss the smell and feel of a real tree though. This year, I will start my decorating the day after Thanksgiving. We do travel over Thanksgiving around every other year so I then get a late start. Good luck with the home tour. 🙂

  2. when you take down the wheat picture I think it would look beautiful to simply put a wreath up where the wheat picture is inside the window frame. I love your home and your mantle all lit up, its beautiful.

  3. I love your wooden candle sticks on your mantle, makes it looks so warm. I start decorating right after Thanksgiving. I love all the lights in my home at Christmas whether from candles or lights.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those were fake candles inside the wooden terrarium, right? 😉

    I think that it is your prettiest mantle yet. Beautiful!

    1. Hi Deb!

      Actually, I had real candles in the terrarium! As I was taking photos I smelled something burning. I thought the flames were far enough away from the wood that it’d be okay. Oops!! Lesson learned – I need to replace them with the LED candles.

  5. Your wooden candle sticks are so pretty. Looking at the mantle so beautifully put together through a picture on my computer gave me a sense of calmness and warmth.I can only imagine how wonderful it is you sitting there relaxing…. Beautiful thank you for sharing . And because I love Christmas so much I start decorating after the second week of November plus all ready started on my DIY Christmas decorations. Have a wonderful day from [Greece Corfu]