Color in the Family Room

Fall is in the air. Can you smell it? Driving down the country roads with the windows open, I can smell the harvest of wheat and sweet corn. In my garden, the scent of tomatoes and marigolds fills the air. While I was tending my flowers and vegetables, I noticed the zinnias aren't blooming as profusely so I snipped a bunch and brought them inside to add some color in the family room.   The colors of late summer are so vibrant and … [Read more...]

Vintage Bottles and a Summer Mantel

Summer is more than half over and while I love fall, I will mourn the loss of long sunny days. But for now, I'll enjoy the colorful flowers from my garden.  My ever-expanding collection of vintage aqua bottles proudly display cheery Zinnias from the garden. Altogether it makes my summer mantel. I thought I had collected all the vintage aqua bottles I wanted. But a trip to our local flea market last weekend proved me wrong.   I needed a … [Read more...]

Simple Summer Mantel: Your Flower of Choice

I have a confession to make. I'm not very good at crafting a pretty mantel. I put stuff together, only to wrinkle my nose at it the next day. I try to remember the rules. Like group things in odd numbers. Mix short with tall. When in doubt, decorate symmetrically. This summer I'm forgetting the rules and creating a simple summer mantel that looks pretty to me. No rules, just following my gut. And my gut says pick your flower of choice to display … [Read more...]

How to Make a Wildflower Bouquet

Have you ever noticed how amazingly beautiful wildflowers look alongside a country road?  They're not artfully arranged according to a certain plan, but rather, they're haphazard and colorful and look better than any store-bought bouquet. I love to bring these fragrant wildflowers into my home, and you can too! See how easy it is to make a wildflower bouquet. And the best part is ... it's free! Clover runs rampant along our country roads … [Read more...]

Floral Chandelier: How to Make Your Own

The past few days I've noticed a new pep in my step and I know without a doubt it's because the grass is green, the trees are budding, my lilac bushes are blooming, and the Earth is bursting with life. Oh how I love this time of year! Truly. The death of winter is over. Finally! To bring a little of that sweet springtime cheer inside, I made a floral chandelier a couple weeks ago and I'm going to show you how easy it is to make your own. For … [Read more...]

Spring Bulb Centerpiece

Do you love simple centerpieces that aren't fussy but lend an air of prettiness to your table? I found a 6-pack container of spring hyacinth bulbs at the garden center and turned half of the pack into a spring bulb centerpiece. It was easy to make and didn't require any artistic flower arranging skills. I can never resist purple hyacinths. They're the most fragrant of the hyacinths and their scent evokes special memories for me.   It … [Read more...]

Decoupaged Flower Pots: Transform Grocery Plants

Until the local nurseries open their doors for spring planting, my flower options are pretty much limited to the grocery store. Sure, we have florists in the area but they tend to get pricey, and since I like flowers in my house all the time I need to buy budget flowers. The only problem is ... I don't like their plastic pots with the paper wrapped around them. I solved that problem by transforming terra-cotta pots into beautiful decoupaged … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Flowers: 11 Simple Yet Pretty Bouquets

When you think of farmhouse flowers, what do you imagine?  Garden daisies in a mason jar?  Colorful zinnias in a white ironstone pitcher? Most likely you see a simple vessel filled with flowers from the garden. Today is Farmhouse Friday and I'm so happy our topic this month is floral accents. I don't think there are too many days when my house doesn't have fresh flowers inside. After you enjoy my farmhouse flowers, be sure to visit my blogging … [Read more...]

Color Trend in My Dining Room

I'm not a stickler for interior decorating trends. I believe people should live with what they love ... whatever makes them smile when they walk in the front door.  When chevron was hot, I never added it to my decor. And the only ombre thing I've ever had in my house was the frosting on a Wintermint Cake. But one interior design trend trend I think I'm going to love this year is the renewed pastel color trend started by Pantone. Serenity and … [Read more...]

Easy Paper Bag Vases

Welcome to the first edition of Celebrations at Home!  The second Sunday of each month I'm joining fellow bloggers to bring you a special celebration of home decor, crafts, or food.  Today's offering is something quick and simple that anyone can do. I think most of us are busy this time of year ... getting kids back to school, canning our tomatoes and other late summer veggies from the garden, doing fall home maintenance chores, and more. I … [Read more...]

10 Paper Flower Crafts

With Mother's Day right around the corner, I thought I'd share 10 paper flower crafts that you can make and give to mom. Fresh flowers are pretty but they fade, whereas crafted flowers last for years to come! I checked in with some of my fellow bloggers and asked to share some of their tutorials on how to make some of the prettiest paper flowers I've seen. I'm sure you'll find something here that your mom will love. Any of these could also be … [Read more...]

Indoor Gardening with Grape Hyacinths

Spring bulbs are popping up everywhere outside and I love seeing them! But I want to see them inside too, so I bought a few grape hyacinths at the flea market with the intent of planting them indoors for awhile.  I've been picking up more plants lately for the house. Indoor plants help to purify and humidify the air. Plus studies show that plants can increase attentiveness by up to 70%.  And so I did a little indoor gardening with grape … [Read more...]

10 Favorite Flower Arrangements

When I look back on my years of home ownership and apartment renting, I realize that there is one decorating staple that's remained consistent in my life. Flowers. Pink, purple, yellow ... it doesn't matter what color. Having flower arrangements in the home is a sure way to perk up a room and lift the spirits. Today I'm sharing 10 of my favorite arrangements with you! My absolute, all-time favorite bouquets are created from flowers in the … [Read more...]

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