Old and Charming English Brick Cottage in London

My friend and I were discussing new and old houses today and we both agreed that older homes have a certain charm and soul. Something about their history pulls at your heartstrings. I think you’ll find this to be true when you tour today’s charming English brick cottage located in London.

Old and Charming English Brick Cottage with Black TrimPhoto by ALL & NXTHING


Open the front door and be drawn into the ambiance of this house with its painted woodwork and a surprisingly modern light fixture. The stairs caught my eye with their well-worn treads showing years of activity.

Old and Charming Painted Staircase in Front HallPhoto by ALL & NXTHING


Blue paint continues into the living room with its quaint brick fireplace and built-in bookshelves.

London Brick Cottage Living Room with Fireplace Photo by ALL & NXTHING


Velvet is making a comeback and the owners paired a comfy rust-colored sofa with the blue color scheme. Furnishings create an eclectic look in the English brick cottage.

Velvet Rust Sofa in English Living RoomPhoto by ALL & NXTHING


The kitchen provides ample space for cooking. A white-washed brick wall serves as the backdrop for dark blue cabinets. The wood counter top creates an earthy, organic vibe.

Industrial English Kitchen In Dark Blue and WhitePhoto by ALL & NXTHING


Updated windows allow plenty of natural light to infuse the brick cottage’s interior spaces.

Industrial English Kitchen In Dark Blue and WhitePhoto by ALL & NXTHING


The dining room pairs a mid-century modern sideboard with a farmhouse table while floor-to-ceiling windows keep the old English home from being dark and dreary.

Minimalist Dining Room in LondonPhoto by ALL & NXTHING


Outside the dining room is a nice sized deck for enjoying the outdoors.

Outdoor Patio of London Brick CottagePhoto by ALL & NXTHING


The bathroom also features white painted brick walls like the kitchen. Notice the strange brick work above the steel beam. Quirky elements like this make this English brick cottage a unique home. The bathroom sink is made of concrete – yet another fun and surprising feature.

Renovated Historic London Bathroom with Concrete SinkPhoto by ALL & NXTHING


Many old houses don’t have long straight hallways that you see in newer homes. The owners gave the walls and doors a continuous two-toned paint scheme. A desk gets tucked in a corner for a makeshift office.

Desk in Hallway with Two-Toned WallsPhoto by ALL & NXTHING


An upstairs bedroom enjoys a beautiful fireplace with painted mantel.

Brick Cottage Bedroom with Fireplace in LondonPhoto by ALL & NXTHING


A second bedroom is kept simple with white walls and shades, allowing the beautiful wool blanket to take center stage.

Small Historic Bedroom with White Walls and Wool BlanketPhoto by ALL & NXTHING

You can see more of this charming English brick cottage by ALL & NXTHING over at Houzz.


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  1. Very charming with lots of interesting things to draw the eye. I like old brick, its very special and gives warmth to a room.

  2. This is a very nicely designed house, but they have stripped out most of the character and made it look very much like any modern house in the suburbs. The only remaining historic charm I see are the entryway, and I do love that fireplace in the bedroom. I will never understand why people buy these beautiful old homes if what they really want is a modern one.

  3. Very cute little cottage. I like the exposed brick. I was surprized that they painted so much wood work . It does have some charm and appeal.