Charming Home Tour ~ English Style Cottage

Calling all fans of color! Today I’m sharing an English cottage designed by Alison Kandler that’s filled with vintage vibes and plenty of fun colors!

Shabby Chic Entry 

The entry way above makes a great first impression and hints at the color and whimsy inside.

In the family room you’ll find a bold stroke of blue on the couch for starters. A colorful striped rug picks up the other colors in the room to help unify the look. Whimsical block letters on the wall play against the softer, more romantic wicker seating.

By Santa Monica Interior Designers & Decorators Alison Kandler Interior Design


Hues of pink add joy to the wallpapered dining room, with a chippy green farm table taking center stage on a checkerboard painted floor. The light fixture overhead lends an air of elegance to this cottage style room.

Dining Room 


More fun pattern plays underfoot in the living room. English cottage style is all about mixing patterns in a rich and tasteful way, and this home displays it all beautifully. Even puppy is happy with the decor!

Alison Kandler Interior Design


I adore this kitchen because it doesn’t use standard cabinetry and it includes an unconventional blue stove with a scalloped hood. The drawer pulls echo the coral colored kitchen island.

Eclectic Kitchen 


Oh how I would love to enjoy my morning coffee in this bright, cheery space! A glass door and large windows let in plenty of natural light to help start the day in a good mood.

Alison Kandler Interior Design


Moving into the office space, you’ll find minty greens paired with more of the coral color we saw in the kitchen. If my office space were this cute, I might not get a lot of work done because I’d have to keep gazing around at the pretty room.

Home Office 


I’m always happy to see a painted staircase, because mine is also painted. I love the faux stair runner painted in periwinkle blue. The oil paintings add a touch of richness and keep the space from looking too sweet.

Shabby Chic Staircase 


Deeper hues of blue and other jewel tones make their appearance in the bedroom. A wrought iron bed and chintz patterned lamps stay true to the English cottage style that runs throughout this charming home.

Eclectic Bedroom 


Softer colors add charm to a young girl’s bedroom, complete with an elegant brass bed.

Shabby Chic Bedroom 


Can you envision yourself here, enjoying a Calgon moment? Note the unique light fixture suspended from the vaulted ceiling.

Bathroom by Alison Kandler Interior Design


If I ever see a wicker table like this I think I may have to snatch it up for a bathroom vanity. The feminine mirror is flanked by more primitive style lighting, which I think is a pleasing combination.

Alison Kandler Interior Design


Outside, a charming dining spot awaits. But it doesn’t end there.

Shabby Chic Patio 


Enjoy a dip in the pool in the afternoon and light a fire in the fireplace when evening descends. So much to love about this charming English cottage! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Pool and Pool House


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    1. I agree with you Pamela @Flowerpatch Farmhouse. The colors and patterns used throughout this house would make it really hard to ever have a bad day. Wouldn’t it be fun to house sit for a week or two?

  1. I first looked quickly and thought those cottages look wonderful! Then I read it found it was the same cottage…..what a wonderful home. I love it all looks like such a happy place.

    1. Me too, Carol! I love it when Jennifer shares colorful homes with us. They are always my favorite. We colorful girls have to stick together.

  2. All just stunning 🙂 I think I’m drooling! Did you happen to notice the tiny door near the floor in the first dining room photo? Wondering if it’s a pet door????

  3. Non-standard cabinets makes you think outside the box… I have a soft spot for scallops in the kitchen – my kitchen had scallops but I took it down – kept it though in case I feel kitchey one day and put it back up. Scallops really were common vintage prairie farmhouse kitchen in my parts so it is fun to see kitchens that keep them! A red bathtub – how fun!

  4. Beautiful home, love all the color.
    Would you happen to know what color the turquoise rocking chair is painted with?
    (The chair pictured on the email sign up)
    Thank you

  5. Well, hmm. I like some of it but think in order for me to live with it I’d like a more cohesive look…maybe only two or three colors and a more thoughtful use of pattern. I’d feel jangled in this environment.

  6. I love it, so cheerful and pretty. Some houses don’t have any character at all, this must be a happy and loving family.

  7. This is so charming. Really gives me Spring Fever. All those beautiful details and colors. Thanks for sharing.