Coastal Style No-Sew Slipcover

We have a few kitties, and they leave hair on the furniture. They’re the reason I can’t leave my white sectional uncovered. I don’t really enjoy vacuuming the furniture, but I enjoy washing the white slipcovers even less. After we first brought the sectional home, I quickly devised a way to cover it with a couple of drop cloths, which looks a little like linen. But I want more color during the summer; so using the same technique as the drop cloths, I made a coastal style no-sew slipcover that’s perfect for this time of year.

Coastal Style No-Sew Slipcover

I needed 3 king-size quilts to create my no-sew slipcover and found lightweight quilted bedspreads with a fun fish motif. The reverse side is striped which can give my room a whole new look.

I had thought about ordering custom-made slipcovers for my sectional, but that would’ve cost me at least $1000.  I found the quilted fishy bedspreads on sale for $99 each. If I looked longer, I probably could’ve found something even cheaper. Still, I decided $300 was better than $1000.


Coastal Style Pillows

Lucky for me, I had my coastal style pillows stored away and hauled them out because the pattern and color were a perfect match my with my new fishy no-sew slipcover.  The white pillows are new … a Ralph Lauren find at Home Goods!  I love anything Ralph Lauren.


Coastal Style No-Sew Slipcover

I pretty much just tucked the bedspreads into corners and crevices like I did with the drop cloth slipcover so it wouldn’t look sloppy.  When I get tired of my coastal style no-sew slipcovers, I can always use them on one of my beds or even give them away … or maybe make comfy floor cushions or poufs with them.


Coastal Style Vignette with Blue Glass Jar and White Wooden Starfish

A coastal style vignette completes the look in my family room dressed for summer. My blue glass vase that looks like a big drop of water pairs with painted wooden star fish on a wooden tray the color of driftwood.


Coastal Style No-Sew Slipcover Using Quilted Bedspreads

At first I was worried the fishy bedspreads would be too much blue in the room, but with the light-colored pillows I think it looks cool and comforting for the hot summer months. The weatherman is predicting a warmer-than-average summer, so we’re going to need cool blues!


Coastal Style No-Sew Slipcover

The quilted bedspreads are soft to the touch and comfy to sit on. But what’s even better is they’re easy to remove and wash, which is important during busy summer months. I’m really happy with my new coastal style no-sew slipcovers. Much less expensive than custom-made slipcovers which would still give me a workout taking them off and putting them back on.

On Wednesday I’m sharing a coastal style table setting as part of the new “It’s All Set” group. So be sure to come back for more beach-inspired decor for a fun, casual summer decorating look!

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  1. I think BOSCOV’S has spreads at times in K for less than $50.
    I have purchased them in F for $29.
    NOTE they are polyester and do pill with washing!

  2. You’ve come up with a great idea and it looks so summery in your home. I too have a cat (and a dog that sheds) so I cover my sofa also with large blankets but I like your quilt idea better. And the addition of your pillows is perfect. I know my house would be cleaner without pets but my heart would be so empty without them.

  3. I love this look! I also have two white slipcovers couches, and a short-haired dog that still sheds a lot! I use smaller quilts, more like throws, to achieve same effect and have much easier washing than the actual slipcovers. I love the idea of changing them out to fit the seasons, though! Thank you.