Country Style Metal Beds for a Small Bedroom

After more than a year of noodling how I wanted to decorate my sleeping quarters, I finally settled on a design plan. In addition to new colors and bead board siding, I’m getting a new bed. I’ve narrowed it down to one of these country style metal beds. (This post contains affiliate linksSee my  privacy policy.)

country style metal beds

1. Mandy Bed / 2. Nashburg Bed / 3. Weston Bed / 4. Middlebrook Bed / 5. Mercer Bed / 6. Xander Bed / 7. Glenda Bed / 8. Giselle Bed / 9. Felicity Bed / 10. Monarch Bed

There are so many beautiful, country style metal beds available that it’s hard to choose one I like best. The decision will probably come down to consumer reviews and price. It does help though to see them all together in the image above.

Here are some of the beds shown in a room and all made up with bedding. It gives a better idea of how they’ll look. This one is the Giselle bed, which is the first one that caught my eye. I should’ve just chosen it without looking at more options. I love everything about this bedroom.

Giselle - country style metal beds
Photo courtesy of Overstock


This is the Glenda bed. I love the little circles in the headboard and footboard. The room is pretty and looks ready for spring.

Glenda Black Metal Bed in White Bedroom
Photo courtesy of Wayfair


Here’s a closer look at the Mercer Casted Knot Metal Bed. The country style metal bed creates a nice contrast in a soft, feminine room.

Casted Knot Metal Bed
Photo courtesy of Overstock


This is the pretty Kendal bed which is the black version of the Middlebrook bed in the collage above.

Kendal Black Metal Bed
Photo courtesy of Overstock


I like this Xander Bed too. It’s a little different looking than the rest.

Xander dark brown iron bed
Photo courtesy of Overstock


What do you think of this selection of country style metal beds. Do you have a favorite?




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  1. They are all lovely. For me, the best one is the one that is comfortable to lean up against when reading in bed.

    Thank you for your lovely blog. I always enjoy reading it with my first cup of hot tea in the morning!

  2. My bed IS bed #1. And I’ve loved it ever since I bought it! I bought a king size and we reinforced the headboard and footboard with extra screws for more stability and its perfect.

  3. Giselle or Felicity. You can’t go wrong with any of them. It’s gonna be beautiful! Can’t wait to see your room.

  4. I have a beautiful king metal bed with a foot board. Problem is, now that I am a senior, making the bed is quite a chore. It is a work out touching all into the bottom. Something to think about.

  5. I have always dreamed of having a classic metal bed too! What a delight it was to see your post this morning and learn that you will be getting one and posting it for us👍🏻
    My pick would be #8, simple and classic. I love them all against a white shiplap wall.
    Enjoy the journey Jennifer!

  6. I have a Chas. P. Rogers bed, its black and gold. I love my bed and have had it for 8 yrs. it’s a Rutherford. Pray you find one that you will love too.

  7. I love the first one the best, too! I was so fortunate to inherit an antique metal bed from my mother. It was in her home as a child. It’s super heavy and white with some chips on it, but I love it that way. Always love your ideas and I think I’ll redecorate the room to look like that first photo. Thank you!!

  8. Your new bedroom sounds so cozy and classically stylish! One thing that I deal with having an antique metal bed is styling it so that the beautiful metal headboard design shows when arranging the pillows. Just keep that in mind, even with a new bed when making your choice. All of the beds you showed are beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you choose. I know it will be gorgeous!

  9. They are all beautiful, but Gissele is my first choice, too, with Zander running a close second. I have a black iron bed in my extra bedroom for granddaughters to come and sleep over in. I bought it at a thrift store that was going out of business for only $80.00! It’s one of my favorite bargains from a house full of many. Enjoy the hunt and your new room.

  10. Gisselle! Go with your first choice! I do this all the time. I fall in love with something that just hits me as perfect……then, I start second guessing myself. Maybe I’ll find something better. After looking all over and agonizing over a decision, I almost always go with my first choice. BTW, I love everything about that room too!!