Shaker Peg Rails and Other Fun Stuff: Friday Finds #85

Do you have romantic plans this weekend for Valentine’s Day? Or are you more like me where the holiday is more about the chocolate and less about the romance? For the first time in many years, I have a special present for hubby. Normally we don’t do much to celebrate Cupid’s holiday so I think he’ll be surprised. I’ll let you know what I got him after the holiday is over, just in case he’s reading my blog.

Shaker peg rail in a farmhouse kitchen

Speaking of the holiday, my friend Janet at Shabbyfufu created a beautiful Valentine’s tablescape. She always has such beautiful flower arrangements.

Some of you know I’m giving my bedroom a makeover with bead board, new paint colors, and a new bed. The bead board is up and the painting has begun. I’m also thinking of adding a Shaker peg rail, which got me to thinking about adding one (or more) in the kitchen too. Grit and Polish recently shared five kitchens with peg rails that I think you might enjoy.

The peg rail is a nod to my growing desire to get back to good old country style decorating. I’m finding myself drawn even more to the simplicity of older homes and less cluttered rooms. Amanda’s sweet little farmhouse is pared back for winter. I’m especially loving the wallpapered fireplace wall. She also has an charming Instagram account, too.

In the spirit of Shaker country style, check out this mustard yellow kitchen that’s so very warm and inviting.

Speaking of country style homes and decor, would you ever live in a timber frame home? This 1575-square-foot Newbury model by PineRidge Timberframe has loads of curb appeal and beautiful beamed interiors. They have other models you might want to check out, too.

Normally I share a dessert recipe at the end of my Friday Finds, but this week I’m sharing a Baked Honey and Mustard Butterbeans recipe. I keep reading that you should eat more beans so when I find a good bean recipe, I have to try it. I’ll be making this one over the weekend. It looks easy enough. It says to turn the oven to 190 degrees Celsius, which is 375 degrees Fahrenheit in case you decide to make it, too.

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  1. The Butterbean recipe looks like one I might try. My husband is picky about his bean eating so I’ll have to run it by him to see if I will be sharing. In reading the comments about the Butterbeans someone mentioned how it reminded them of the Harry Potter stories and I have to laugh as I enjoyed those books more than my young son years ago but wasn’t it Butter Beer? hmm I’ll have to read again to find out.
    In doing our laundry room as I spoke to before I am ordering some peg rails/peg wall hangers or is it coat hanger racks? Ha! I wasn’t sure how to identify what I needed to search for…now I know:0) Thank you! I think even alone on a wall they give a bit of character and a chance for hanging just about anything..maybe a heart for Valentines day even?
    Can’t wait to see your changes in your kitchen Jennifer! Things take time to get done don’t they? But oh so worth the wait when they are.

  2. I have a peg board in my bathrooms, wish I had one in my kitchen. I know it takes time and you both work but, I am truly trying to wait to see your bedroom, it’s hard!!! lol!

  3. The mustard yellow kitchen click doesn’t work. Would love to see it. My kitchen is a butter yellow and really cheers me up. Thank you for your blog. I love reading it daily.

  4. Good morning, Jennifer!
    I am a bit behind on reading my email and catching up with my blog reading. So, while I am grand pup sitting, and my three favorite fur buddies are snoozing, I am treating myself to a fresh cuppa and have been touring your wonderful posts. I loved the mustard yellow kitchen, even though it’s nothing like mine. I think it is such a peaceful respite from all the sterile looking kitchens usual to showrooms. Hook up the electricity and water and I could move right in! Speaking of water, I just finished watching the video of your pond (for the fourth or fifth time) and want to compliment you on the truly amazing little piece of Heaven you have created. I so look forward to your posts, and even though I don’t have time every week to sit and really get into each and every word, let me assure you, they stay in my inbox until I do. You have just given me the perfect start to my day, and I thank you. Keep up the great work!