See How Pretty Layers Create a Cozy Modern Country Bedroom

Happy Saturday! Today I’m excited to share a super cozy, modern country bedroom by Laura Design Company who is located here in the suburban Chicago area. I would love to hire this firm to redo my whole house because I love everything they touch! See how they used layers throughout this very attractive bedroom to make it comfortable and attractive.

modern country bedroomPhoto by Laura Design Company


This beautiful bedroom is fairly spacious with room for a loveseat and coffee table. The walls enjoy custom molding while the windows are softened with pretty patterned drapes and a valance. Both the bed and loveseat are layered with pillows and throws. 

layered bedroom with windowpane loveseatPhoto by Laura Design Company


An area rug is layered over the carpeting, helping to define the “sitting room” part of the modern country bedroom. (There’s no rule that says you can’t have a rug over carpet – it’s a great way to cover carpet stains, by the way.) Windowpane fabric on the loveseat pairs well with the striped ottoman and simply patterned curtains. Mixing patterns in a room helps add dimension and interest to the space.

mixed patterns in a country style bedroomPhoto by Laura Design Company


A panoramic side view of the bedroom lets you see that there’s space for a television, armoire, and expansive dresser. A classic candlestick chandelier tops it all off.

sitting area in a large bedroom with TVPhoto by Laura Design Company


Fresh flowers always look great in a bedroom. I just made a vow yesterday to try and keep fresh flowers somewhere in my house at all times. I purchased a small bouquet of tulips for $3.99 and felt pretty good about that bargain. Once our warm weather rolls around, flower clippings in the yard can be enjoyed for free.

yellow flowers on a white nightstand in a bedroomPhoto by Laura Design Company


Do you like layered beds? I think they always look especially inviting and comfortable, like today’s modern country bedroom. The landscape painting above the upholstered headboard adds a nice touch of color and scenery. I don’t think there’s anything I’d change about this bedroom by Laura Design Company.

layered bedroom with windowpane loveseatPhoto by Laura Design Company


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  1. That’s what I’d call “High End Country.”
    Lovely. Believe it or not, I think I’d love to see rich, dark furniture in this room 🤔

  2. I never thought we would go back to the cornice board. It really does close the room in. Maybe it’s okay for winter. A little bit stuffy for spring and summer.

  3. I love this bedroom except for the drapes and cornices.. I like simpler panels on my windows but the colors used in this room are lovely.


  5. I think the bedroom is lovely…colors, layered, calming, etc. I have a practical question when I see furniture arranged this way in bedrooms, and that is what happens when a person gets up in the night to go to the bathroom? Do you have to walk around the loveseat and coffee table? I think that would be hazardous to some of us:)