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11 Cozy Breakfast Nooks to Start Your Day!

I think we’ve all heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I know I heard it in grade school or whenever starting a diet. Although I’m not a big breakfast eater,  I do love the thought of cozy breakfast nooks to start the day. It should be a cheery place to lift your spirits and help motivate you to tackle the day. Here’s a few inspirational ideas to help you freshen up or create your own cozy dining nook.

Reclaimed wood panels hug this country style breakfast nook with a fun and colorful Antiques sign and pale yellow chairs. A built-in banquette makes the most of a small space.

Country Style Breakfast NookPhoto by Hello Kitchen

Real wood beams grace a vaulted ceiling. Wrap around windows make the small dining nook appear larger.

Farmhouse Style Breakfast NookPhoto by T.S. Adams Studio, Architects

Doesn’t the style of this cafe table and chairs remind you of an ice cream parlor? I like how the owner used open shelving as a window treatment of sorts.

Breakfast Nooks to Start the DayPhoto by Melissa Mathe Interior Design, LLC

An all-white nook has just the right amount of pattern and color to give it an elegant look. All that natural light makes it a great place to start the day with coffee and your favorite scone!

Traditional Kitchen Breakfast NookPhoto by Southern Living

French country style fills this beautiful dining space off the kitchen. From the elegant pendant light to the country style chairs, every square inch is perfection.

French Country Dining AreaPhoto by Gerrard Builders

A modern country vibe fills this banquette for a cozy dining experience.

Blue and White Dining BanquettePhoto by Janet Mesic Mackie Photographer

Neutral tones come together to create a slightly elegant breakfast nook. An oversized pendant light provides ample lighting for dining at night, too.

Country Neutral Breakfast NookPhoto by dustin.peck.photography.inc

Simplicity is the key to this interesting breakfast nook. There’s nothing to distract from the amazing cityscape in the distance just beyond the water. Blue Windsor chairs add a whimsical touch.

Colorful Cottage Dining RoomPhoto by Britt Newman Design Concepts LLC

Cross back cane chairs hug a small cafe table while a built-in window seat provides additional room for diners. A golden pendant light adds visual appeal.

Contemporary Style DiningPhoto by Janna Makaeva/Cutting Edge Stencils

In color theory, orange is said to stimulate the appetite and this homeowner used that fact to her advantage. Mid-century modern chairs create a fresh look.

Colorful Eclectic Breakfast NookPhoto by Michael Fullen Design Group

Have you noticed a common thread among all these cozy breakfast nooks? The windows! I love being able to gaze out the window with my morning cup of coffee.

White Dining NookPhoto by Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

Which of these breakfast nooks is your favorite?

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  1. Just when I thought that I’d found my favorite, the next one up was equally or even more inviting. Great rooms! Great season! Yay springtime 😇

  2. I liked 1 or 3 they both were so cozy for a morning. You are so right have to have a window to see out of.

  3. This was a difficult choice, but since I’m not a terrific fan of banquettes, my very favorite is the round table with the blue chairs, overlooking some water and the cityscape. Just beautiful. I have always wanted a cozy dining “nook”, where the space was near windows but not doorways where there was foot traffic. I have a somewhat separate dining area with a decent view to my backyard and garden at the end of my kitchen space but unfortunately there is a large sliding door there where the dogs (and me) go in and out, so it spoils the separate “nook” feel that I wish I had. Oh well …. first world problems. I truly am thankful for the home I have.

  4. I believe my favorites are four and five, although they are all cozy and inviting. Have a great week, Jennifer.

  5. I really enjoyed them all. My favourite would be the one with the orange accents. The warmth to this one appeals to me and I wanted to comment on the table base. It’s one of a kind and so unique. Would sit there for morning coffee gladly.

  6. Cafe curtains always make me smile. Sooo cozy.
    The view sitting in those blue Windsor chairs is amazing. Imagine seeing that everyday! Thanks for the recap. Lots of thought went into each and every room.