Cozy Entryway with Faux Fur, Plants, and Candles

Welcome to the first Cozy Living series post of the year! The first Saturday of each month I gather with my friends to share how we cozy things up for the month. We celebrate the hygge style of living which is pretty much anything that warms your heart and spirits. Today, I’m featuring my cozy entryway decorated for the winter.

Faux Fur Pillow on Rattan Chair


The Christmas decorations are put away but I keep my cable knits and faux fur pillows and throws around until winter subsides. When temperatures are below freezing and the wind is blowing, I need a little comfort in the house.

Faux Fur Chinchilla Throw on Rattan Chair


My latest acquisition for creating a cozy entryway is this gorgeous faux fur chinchilla throw from Arhaus. It’s luxuriously soft and warm and I appreciate the comfort it provides me when watching a Netflix movie or enjoying a morning latte or cappuccino.

Faux Fur Chinchilla Throw on Rattan Chair


During winter, it’s harder in the morning to crawl out from the warm covers while it’s still dark outside. Knowing that a latte or cappuccino awaits is motivation to get started with the day.

Morning Latte or Cappuccino with Starbucks Mug


I like to sprinkle a little cinnamon on top for added flavor. Look carefully and you’ll see the word “Starbucks” inside the mug. It’s my favorite coffee and I make my own lattes and cappuccinos with my Keurig machine.

Morning Latte or Cappuccino with Starbucks Mug


I still have plenty of houseplants and moved my Dieffenbachia (at bottom left) to my cozy entryway where it can get ample sunlight. This plant was ailing and I was afraid it wasn’t gonna make it last year, but I moved it outside for the summer and it bounced back.

Cozy Entryway with Rattan Chairs and Faux Fur Throws


So now I’m a proud plant mama! Plants remind me that spring is coming.

Cozy Entryway with Rattan Chairs and Faux Fur Throws


In addition to plants, I always keep candles on hand, too. It reminds me of days gone by when all they had for lighting was lanterns or candles. And since I live in an old house, it seems appropriate to have them in every room. The little plant is a Micans Philodendron – one of my favorites.

Brown Bottle with Candles and Philodendron


My cozy entryway sets the stage for comforting the soul and combating the winter season. I can sit here with my morning latte and enjoy a view of the snow from under a warm blanket. I’m doing all I can to enjoy winter!

Cozy Entryway in Historic Home


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  1. Beautiful and so cozy looking! I love your use of real plants in your decorating. I’ve had houseplants my entire life and I’m happy to see them becoming popular once again. I have a Micans Philodendron also. One of my favorite plants!

  2. Very cozy indeed. Very inviting and restful-looking. I want to spend winter at your house. Unfortunately, way too far away. Oh well.

  3. Im so envious of you plant people. No matter how hard I try I just can’t keep indoor plants alive. I have to stick to the faux greens. Every year I bring my lemon and lime tree in for the winter and every year they look a little worse by the time they get put back outdoors again.

  4. Such a perfectly cozy space! I adore that blanket!!! You know I’m obsessed with amber too, the candle is perfect perched there! This is the BEST place for early morning snuggles while enjoying your coffee.