The Great American House: Book Giveaway!

Yes! It’s time for another book giveaway and you’re going to love this beautiful coffee table book dedicated to the beauty of traditional homes. I’m giving away a copy of The Great American House to one lucky winner! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Great American House Book by Gil Schafer

To enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment at the end of this post. Next Thursday I’ll announce the winner after a random drawing.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll see inside this beautifully photographed book by Gil Schafer III – classic home exteriors, gorgeous architecture, and tasteful interiors. Many of which will take your breath away.

Exterior of Grand White House with Pillared Porch


This book contains all that I love about home interiors and decorating. Houses with gorgeous details like crown molding, wide plank wood floors, and beautiful, timeless interiors.

Traditional Home Entryway - The Great American House


Older homes possess a certain charm not found in new houses – unless the owner has paid for a lot of custom work. You can almost feel the soul of an older home, and that’s what I find so endearing about them.

Classic, Timeless Kitchen in Traditional Style


What a grand bathroom! You’ll find plenty more inspirational images like this one when flipping through the pages of The Great American House.

French doors leading to bathroom in a traditional home


Gil Schafer is a talented architect whose work has appeared in numerous publications. Check out his website and you’ll see why.

Classic Living Room in Neutral Tones


There is so much to love in this room. From the wood-beamed paneled ceilings to the custom woodwork around the fireplace and French doors, to the rich wood wide-planked floors. Houses just don’t get any better than this.

Traditional, American country-style dining room


I’ve always had a thing for staircases with a wooden banister that curves – and check out the details on the outside of each stair step. Add the old wood floors and detailed trim and you’ve got a stunner of a house!

Wide plank flooring in second-story hallway


A gallery wall decorates a staircase landing, and did you notice the window shelf at left?

Staircase Landing with Wallpaper and Gallery Wall


One house is just as beautiful as the next in this dreamy and inspirational book.

Pages from the book, The Great American House


Pages from the book, The Great American House


Gil Schafer is an acclaimed architect who specializes in building new “old” houses as well as restoring historic homes. He blends classic architecture, interior decoration, and landscape to create homes with a feeling of history – and he does it so well!

Gil Schafer - Architect


To enter for a chance to win a copy of The Great American House, simply leave a comment below. Or – you can always purchase a copy on Amazon! I’ll announce the winner next Thursday. Good Luck!



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    1. I’ve been eyeing this book for awhile. Thanks for the opportunity and all of your great home tour posts!

  1. Your blog continues to be one of my favorites and I’d love the book! Please continue to show your wonderfully cozy home.

  2. Yay 👏👏👏 !! I love coffee table books 📚 and I looove looking at houses 🏡 ! That’s why I enjoy all your house tours. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Oh, yes….what a lovely book this must be! I was raised in my Grandmother’s garrison colonial and slept in everyone of its many bedrooms. This book reminds me of that home and her…I would love to Grace my coffee table with this book…Thank you for the opportunity.

  4. I love collecting books about many different topics. I do not have a book of houses and home interior. I would love to add this to my collection.

  5. So happy that I found your site! I have enjoyed your emails and they have been most inspiring in my new home. Thank you for considering my submission for the free book.

  6. Thank You so much for offering us the chance to own this book!!! I’ve loved your blog for years…..now another source of material to scour every inch of!!!

  7. Living in a 100 year old home, it is always a work in progress. I would love looking at this book to get ideas for my house.

  8. Bunny Williams is one Of my favorite designers. I look at articles and her books for inspiration. Thank you for offering one her books.

  9. Love all things book! This looks like a great book on beautiful home ideas. Would love to cuddle with this book ❤️

  10. oh how i love reading my emails from you. such charm, beautiful graphics, and even recipes! glad to have found this blog. thanks for your continued effort. onward!

  11. I am one of those people who loves driving by homes and trying to see what the inside looks like. Yes, I am that nosy neighbor. This book would allow me to see the inside of homes from the comfort of my couch.

  12. Gorgeous photos! From the landings shown to that fabulous green striped wallpaper. A beautiful book!

  13. Jennifer, Your blog is a favorite! We used to live in Sycamore and loved your photo tour there as well as other nearby towns. Thank you for sharing yourself, your home, your ideas. Happy Spring!💐

  14. Thank you for this great offer, I’m in the process of making my new house look and feel old and see so many ideas in just the few pictures you included..

  15. We recently lost our home to a fire, so I’m looking for inspiration as we regroup and rebuild a new home somehow filled with history. Love the book!

  16. My heart is absolutely palpitating over this book!! It’s GORGEOUS!!!! I would be THRILLED to win it!!! <3

  17. Even the grandest homes offer ideas for our more modest ones. Thanks for bringing this book to our attention.

  18. I love older homes that have been maintained through the years. I live in one myself that is over 100 years old. Fingers crossed that I can win this book. I know it’s filled with wonderful ideas! Thank you.

  19. The pictures in this book look gorgeous. I also love old homes, the architecture, the smells, the wood planks and wood detailing, and just the feeling I get when I step inside. I look so forward to your posts. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Such stunning pictures. Just looking at them gets my heart racing. There is nothing more beautiful than a classic old home that is well loved. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely book.
    Blessings to you

  21. hi, what a beautiful book. I love to try any copy homes in the US, but many items we do not have here in the UK, but I try with what I can get. I just love the sense of `the home` Americans have for where they live. please never stop showing, and thank you for the chance to get this beautiful book.

  22. My taste, my style… beautiful depiction of classic style and Home. I would truly enjoy this addition to my architecture and design collection of books. I recently retired as an interior designer with the recent passing of my husband… this book would relive my past profession and fill my days with beauty and my passion for beautiful surroundings. Janet

  23. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge it by its author. I love everything Gil Shafer does.

  24. What a teaser. I wanted to see more. There’s nothing better than seeing beautiful homes with such woodwork and craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I have such a love for older homes. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is so missing with new home builders. One of my passions is driving in the older neighborhoods. The bricks front porches and interesting outside architecture always sets my mind in motion as to what details are left inside. Finding inspiration in books, blogs and Pinterest have helped with home projects.
    I love your blog and look forward to the home tours.
    Stay healthy and safe.

  26. I would love to receive a copy of The Great American House. The photos are lovely. We have just renovated a Georgian-style home that had been neglected. I appreciate very much architectural and interior design details and the story they tell us. Thank you for this opportunity.

  27. Hi Jennifer, your blog is my favorite, so enjoy it every morning with my first cup of coffee. This looks like a wonderful book to add to my collection. Have a wonderful.

  28. I’ve loved traditional all my life. I now live in an “independent living” facility that is completely modern. I have a bedroom and a living room with a balcony. I need ideas on how to traditionalize; this book sounds like just what I need and your e-mails are always devoured as soon as I receive them. Thank you for the pleasure you give to so many of us.

  29. Stunning book, Jennifer. I’ve been a subscriber since last Christmas and always appreciate your posts – they inspire and encourage me in my own decorating and homemaking journey. God bless!

  30. I was in awe of the photos of the book. The book shows pictures of classic traditional homes that are inviting and comforting. comfort is key and this enables us to feel part of the home owner presentation.

  31. In these days of chaos in our country, it is nice to see a book dedicated to something traditional.

  32. Beautiful homes! Although my home isn’t as grand, the book could certainly provide inspiration that I could customize for my home.

  33. The photos and homes are just fabulous. So much character and beauty. very dreamy and inspirational indeed! What a treat!

  34. Wow! The book looks like it contains some beautiful inspirational ideas to use for our homes. Thank you for allowing one of us who follow your pos to be the lucky recipient of the book.
    The photography looks amazing., but I bet it’s better in person.😁

  35. Even though I love my home, this is my dream home! I love everything inside AND out! I have had this book on my Wish List so winning it would also be a dream.

    Thanks so much for your blog – love receiving and reading Town & Country Living – always inspiring!


  36. I would be enthusiastic to see the rest of this book. The pictures were such a delicious appetizer! My house is from 1907 and I’d like to see styles old houses should be using.

  37. What a beautiful book! Enjoy all the pictures you have for your readers! I have received so much inspiration from your site! Have a peaceful day!

  38. I am enjoying this blog and the home tours. This beautiful book looks like it would be an inspiration for all homeowners!

  39. Beautiful book!! I have such an interest in homes period. From the architecture to style and decor. I get so many ideas from books that some days I just get lost in them!!

  40. have to be in it to win it. my husband and i had a trip to America and Canada and absolutely love seeing the beautiful architecture. i photographed so many houses that pop up on by desktop randomly which I love. I lost my husband two years ago and they are such wonderful memories for me. I live in Tasmania (down under down under)

  41. Hey Jen! I couldn’t end the day without checking out your blog. So excited to see the beautiful book and giveaway. Don’t think that I have seen so many comments since you shared your personal story and testimony of God’s Faithfulness! The book looks great but nothing can beat your amazing journey 😇

  42. What an awesome book! I love going on home tours with you, Jennifer. You take us to beautiful places, especially the older homes. Always enjoy seeing your home ideas. Thanks for the fun!

  43. Wow what a lovely book. I love old homes and it looks like there are beautiful pictures in this book. Thanks for having the giveaway to win this beautiful book.

  44. I’m very happy to have found your blog as I also reside in Illinois about 5 minutes from the Wisconsin border. I can relate to your personal stories about your locale and weather. This looks like a wonderful book about all the things I love about traditional homes. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.
    Happy Spring.

  45. I am so happy to see traditional homes survive and your book should be a part of educating the younger generation to the beauty and appeal of living this lifestyle. I would so enjoy your book.

  46. How did I miss this the first time around? Count me in. The wall and trim paint in the photo of the curved wooden bannister and stair carving are exactly what I used in the living room of the house I lived in in Glen Ellyn…and wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a new “old” home constructed from scratch? One can dream.

  47. This book is a dream. I love how it makes the rooms look lived in rather than staged. I would love a copy. Good Luck to all !!!

  48. What a nice book with so many pretty pictures of homes . I could look at the pages for quite awhile. Thanks for the give away.

  49. I have always loved decorating, even as a child. I made doll houses out of fiberglass insulation (later finding out how uncomfortable my skin would be!). Would love to get my hands on this book. My hubby is a contractor and I am always asking him to do this and that around our home. Love the idea of making a house even better for the next home owner. Looks like a lot of your readers would love to win a copy of The Great American House. What a great title too!

  50. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for the chance to win The Great American House book. I would happily share it with my daughter and granddaughters.
    I look forward to your blog each day, filled with wonderful ideas for home and gardens.

  51. This book just screams inspiration! As I am (always) in the process of redecorating this book would give loads of ideas!

  52. I look forward to your emails each morning. Classic styling with a modern twist. I would love to receive this book. Thank you for sharing your talents….

  53. Hi Jennifer!
    Your blog is the only one I follow. I can’t even remember how I got started but I know I look forward to opening my emails every day to see what you have to show us and how you describe and write about your topics of the day. Thanks for making my days brighter. This book looks beautiful. It will be like having a huge blog of yours to open and peruse for hours. Hope I win!!

  54. I have always loved American Architecture, I love the details of the homes represented in this book!

  55. I love old homes! I moved west and love it here, but there’s not a lot of homes he re like the Midwest. I’m hoping to win this book for ideas!

  56. Older homes are like your favorite pair of Levi’s, they feel warm and comfortable, add some new heels or maybe some cowboy boots or jean jacket and you’ve made the old a total fashion statement sought after by many. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Love them! The book is beautiful.

  57. We lost our beautiful Georgian house during the recession. I get so much delight looking at lovely homes. I would devour this book!