Spring and Easter Decorating Inspiration

The official first day of spring is just 15 days away! Can you believe it’s almost here? March 20th ushers in the season of rebirth and hope. It’s always so invigorating to see the earth come to life again after a long winter’s nap. In anticipation, I’m getting inspired with spring and Easter decorating ideas. In honor of today’s cozy living post (which is the first Saturday of each month here on my blog), here’s a few ways to bring that spring fresh feeling to your home.


Spring Flowers

Tulips are the ultimate springtime flower, in my book. I know the season is almost here when I see bunches of these bell-shaped flowers in the grocery store. Tulips are pretty easy to arrange, too. Just cut the stems at a few different lengths and tuck them in a pitcher or simple vase. What’s also nice about tulips is that they last pretty long inside your house.

Pitcher of Tulips


Pink and Green Easter Table Setting


One of my all-time favorite spring flowers is the simple English daisy. It’s small but impactful and has a sweet, old-fashioned vibe about it.

English daisy flower blooming in garden


English daisies in a large coffee mug


Primrose are another spring flower that makes a great addition to your outdoor gardens. I recently wrote about primrose flowers on my other blog, Pond and Garden. You’ll find a variety of primrose species in a wide range of colors. They naturalize easily and are easy to grow.

Blooming primrose in a wicker basket.


Eggs and Flowers

Take two spring icons and put them together for unique and pretty eggs and flowers combinations. It’s easy to hollow out eggs by tapping on one end with a spoon until it cracks. You can then pick away at the opening and empty the contents in a bowl for scrambled eggs. Rinse the inside of the egg and use it as a mini vase. Tuck the egg in a nest of Spanish moss or similar to get it to stand up straight. Fill with water and add a few small flowers. So cute!

Fresh flowers in egg shells for spring and easter decorating


Take that idea one step further to create a beautiful spring centerpiece. Use a hot glue gun to attach sheet moss in patches to a piece of bark, and then hot glue the egg vases in place. Add small flowers and a few smaller eggs nestled in the moss.

Eggs and flower centerpiece


Easter Decorating with Eggs

How cute are these eggs with sweet little faces drawn onto them? I tried something similar two years ago when I made DIY bunny eggs for my breakfast table. Your kids or grandbabies will be delighted by them.

Easter eggs decorated with faces


If you feel like you have no crafting skills whatsoever, you can at least make bunny ears with a napkin wrapped around an egg. This makes such a cute way to set the table for Easter brunch.

Easter egg bunny with napkin


You could also tie gold ribbon around brown eggs for a simple and elegant look.

Brown easter egg with beautiful golden bow


Spring Greenery

You never have to talk me into adding houseplants! I’m a bit of a plant fanatic and spring is a great time to add new plants indoors. Your indoor plants will enjoy the extra daylight hours.

Retro kitchen with houseplants - spring decorating


Just last weekend I visited a local greenhouse and brought home a couple new plants. My favorite Hope Philodendron is still going strong and I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in keeping it healthy and alive. When it comes to spring decorating, green is a perfect color to add to your home. And what better way to add this hue than with plants? No need to repaint your walls and plants look great in any room.

Hope Philodendron in Floor Basket


Spring Porch

Don’t forget the outside of your house! These pretty porches are ready for spring with their bright colors, flowers, and cute furniture.

Yellow house with porch and wicker chairs


Blue Victorian House with Side Porch and Flower Box


Cottage Porch with White Wicker Love Seat


I hope you were able to find some inspiration and hope from today’s spring and Easter decorating ideas. The world is facing a very sad time right now and I know we’re all concerned for people living in and around Ukraine. Let’s hope the fighting stops soon so people can get back to their homes and start rebuilding their lives. I have to say I’m encouraged and touched by some of the heroic stories on the news featuring brave people.


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  1. I’m so ready for Spring, and today looks like it’s going to be 65 here. I cant wait. I had no idea those flowers were called English Daisys. I love how they look but have never tried them in my garden. They’re beautiful 🙂

    1. Hi Dawn! Hubby and I are headed out to enjoy today’s warmer weather – it’ll be 65 here, too. You should get some English daisies. They’re so quaint!

  2. What cute Easter eggs! The sweet faces with the flower bow on their cute bald heads and the bunny egg with the towel ears! I love flowers and the warmer temps arriving soon has me prepping my home with flowers and I think we have 20 degree temps again all week..BUT today will reach 70! A great post in good timing.

    1. Enjoy your warm weather today, Lori! We’re hitting 65 today and then snow is likely on Monday. LOL. It’s a typical spring season in Illinois. 


  3. Thanks this was such a pretty post and I enjoyed it. So ready to see some of my flowers start popping up.

  4. Did you know to keep tulips standing tall in a vase you place a penny at the bottom. They will be as straight as a soldier!

  5. I loved seeing all of the pretty flowers spring touches! I’m longing for spring here! We had a snow storm this weekend! It sure was pretty, but come on!

  6. Love all your beautiful Easter ideas. Especially the eggs decorated on the log. Everything beautifully decorated.